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there is something I have mumbled about before.

yellow text on a red background is not my favourite choice for drop down menus.

but what to choose in its place ?

Dark blue on pale blue stands out very well but given that red
seems the predominant colour everywhere on the site, I guess it
must be your choice.

But red text on a pale background looks good on the threads
and other pages ?


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Rosso, I'll see if I can get into the chatroom a bit more. Maybe I can spark things off and do a bit of commentary real time. My workload is still a pain, and I only finished about a half hour ago.(


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Bonsai, you're not the first person who dislikes the yellow text on red background. We're dropping in the new design for the site, but in the meantime I'll experiment with different colours like the red on grey you mentioned. Will let you know how I get on.


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Hi Sharky

There is a way for peeps to make a small donation via BT.

I dont know all the details but I used it on friends reunited and it has worked a treat.

I feel it is good to support a site and all the hard work that goes into it so if that is a poss. then let us know



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Thanks novice101 for your suggestion. In the past we've asked for donations but now the site has increased in popularity we get funding from our advertisers and that keeps us going. So we no longer ask for hand outs.

We did create a page with a list of suggestions for supporting the site (which is still linked from the about us page):

It really needs updating now and there's still a link on their that allows you to donate through PayPal an amount of your choosing. But like I said as long as members continue to tolerate a level of advertising on the site, we shall hopefully continue to prosper as a site. And there's going to be lots to look forward to in 2004 I can tell you.
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