Important lesson


Hi All,

I learnt a huge lesson today.

I had been learning the basics of trading with Finspreads playing small and building up slowly. It was going great,making good gains,getting my confidence up, then- bang! I had traded on rolling shares yesterday and was hit by their minimum 25p charge for the privilege of doing so. I had made a few ticks and was clobbered :(

Phoned them up and the response was- well you have signed the form to accept the 25p charge. OK, I accept that but my trust in them has just evaporated.I don,t feel comfortable trading with them any more.They may hit me with other charges in future thst I am unaware of. How can they encourage you to find out what type of trading suits you and then make you pay heavily for the privilege?

Will look into more professional brokers instead of spreadbrokers

25p????? I could understand if you were complaining about £25, but 25p is less than the price of a first class stamp!

Fins are quite right - you have signed their contract and therefore by entering into the trade you accepted those T&Cs. Your alternative, of course, is to use another spreadbetting company.

Very few people bother to read what they are signing. Every broker worldwide has terms & conditions for one reason only - to protect themselves from any exposure to risk, not the punter. That's why one should always read every single word of the contract(s). Then, if you don't agree that the broker has every right over you and in return you have no rights whatsoever, you don't sign.

I have no connections or allegiances with any broker or spreadbetting company - I'm just always amazed that people never appear to read the rights they are signing away.


What is this 25p fins charge? (I am using d4f)

Just a few questions about fins:

What are the spreads like on US daily/rolling cash?
Is the minimum bet 1p for everyone? I have read that it's only 1pp for the first 8 weeks then the minimum bet goes up to 50pp



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:) i understand you have learnt a huge lesson today Talshiarr
and that you feel, conned out of heart goes out to you
i hope to God some how ,some way ,you get your money back..............heehee

Mr. Charts

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I'm sorry but 25p is a lot of money if you are desperate.
If you need to use the loo at Waterloo station it costs 20p.
Last time I had to take it from the hat of a sleeping beggar.
But she would only have spent it on drugs, so I performed a social duty by liberating that 20p coin.


I thought for a min I had read the post incorrectly.

I hope you are not posting this thread on a 56k modem. The cost of doing so may be too much for you to bear in one day........

25p .......give me strength. wait until you start placing trades of that size then you will really start to sweat.....

Im off to resole my socks
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