I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

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New to the Forum & New to Trading

Hi everyone. I've just joined the forum so here is a bit of an introduction to me.

I'm 48, married, have one daughter, one step-daughter, one step-son and 4 step-grandchildren, one cat and one puppy. I have no previous Trading experience but became interested in Blockchain technology when I heard that a part of the company I work for was looking at how they could use it in the Trading part of their business. That led me to learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies & wanting to learn more about how to trade them and other assets profitably.

By day I work as a Communication Manager for a large energy company, either working in London or from my home in the West Midlands, UK.

I am doing an amazing course which is helping me to learn not just the key trading skills, but also learn about the important psychological elements of trading and knowing myself.

I have a plan is to learn all that I can about Trading and transition out of the corporate world when I am able to be consistently profitable. That's my aim, anyway. Oh, and to meet some amazing people & have lots of fun along the way!!

When I have some spare time I love reading (I am a confirmed Bibliophile), walking, listening to music, spending time with my family and getting out on my motorbike.


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Hello. I'd like to learn how to trade Futures and Options. I have a not-that-great day job. I'm determined to escape a life of mediocrity.

I'm looking to make a living from trading. I'm preparing for the CFA Level 1 in December to give myself a bit of a foundation. I've downloaded about 20 books on Options.

If anyone else would like some encouragement to study, or someone that's in a similar situation; I'd like to talk to you. After I come home from work, it's hard to crack open Hull's Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives textbook and start reading. It would be nice to have some encouragement from someone in a similar situation.

I like the books Black Swan, Antifragile, Skin in the Game, Fooled by Randomness.


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Hi everyone

I learn and trade myself for 3 years, initially I was doing ok, probably beginner's luck, and then I just kept losing and never make my money back (I rather not say how much, is just too ashamed).

i am here to seek help and advise from all other successful people, please offer me whatever help, I am very willing to learn, and I just want to be successful.

Many thanks

Hafis Nizam

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Hi everyone

I am new in trading before i start i want to learn more about trading strategies and daily stock informations. I hope this forum will help me a lot in learning. I am focusing on intraday mostly. I need suggesions recomendation from successfull peoples like you guys. I hope a better support from your side.
Happy trading ☺