I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

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Thank you Trade2Win for creating such an amazing platform.

My name is Macharayya and I'm Global Marketing Director for TradeDog - a securities trading platform, implemented as a cloud service platform, that combining the brainpower of industry and academic professionals with technology, crypto assets and smart contracts for profitable analysis and insights in financial markets.

I'm more focused on Futures and commodities trading and I'm sure we all will have a great time by learning

Thank you!


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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie. I am learning and being patient to make sure I have some education under my belt before I start placing live trades. I attended a class held by Josep Causic which was really amazing. I was in the Airforce for many years until I was injured and now that I am home bound I must use this new life situation to create an income for myself. I look forward to the engagement from all of you and any assistance you can offer me I am open to learning and soaking up the knowledge from you all. All the best to you all and thank you in advance.
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I am new to this forum. I am looking to share my research and see what others are doing as well I love the rush I get from trading and making a little money here and there but we all are here with z goal of being wealthy traders so any info you have I will enjoy hearing it.

Blake Theodor

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Hi i am new here tell me how can post thread in Trade2win?


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Hello everyone,,
I'm a new member, and have been trading for a little while. I'm an ex-academic, and so the approach is slow and careful. I'm not doing badly mobdro lucky patcher kodi except for silly mistakes (I made 30 points on a stock recently and left it there only to get stopped based on "letting your winners run" - given the markets right now I should have taken the money off the table, but instead got stopped out). I recently heard a talk by Sandy Jadeja @ City Index (with whom I was quite impressed), who recommended using OCO (one cancels the other) orders so that you can come out ahead no matter which way the market goes. What do others think of this, and how does one make it work effectively?
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recommended using OCO (one cancels the other) orders so that you can come out ahead no matter which way the market goes. What do others think of this, and how does one make it work effectively?
Hi Macgomes. I'm new to T2W as well, but not new to trading.

I'm not sure how one configures an OCO order to ensure that one comes out ahead no matter which way the market goes. I use OCO orders to automate profit taking as well as loss management.

Looking forward to making profitable relationships!


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Hi guys I’m new to T2W. Well I’m not a new trader have been trading for a while getting frustrated there and there. I trade commodities mostly but i really need more help in crude oil. I believe this is where i will grow and am excited to be in this group.


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Hi All. I've just joined this forum. I want to learn from experienced traders on this forum and ask for your advice. I'm also happy to share and admit to costly mistakes I've made!

I think the US and UK will be going through bear markets soon. Therefore my goal is to begin profitably from declining stock markets by trading Put Options or shorting stocks using the Optionsxpress/Charles Schwab platform. I'm reading a few pages of 2 books on a daily basis: "The New Sell and Sell Short:" by Dr Alexander Elder and "Short-Selling with the O'Neil Disciples: Turn to the Dark Side of Trading" by Gil Morales (a protege of William O'Neil). I want to act on the information I'm reading in these books.

Given that this is the strategy I want to use, does anyone have any advice for other things I can or should be doing apart from following the advice in these books and learning from the necessary mistakes I will make as `I take action? I'm sure people on this forum have been on a similar journey. Are there any Youtube channels or online courses anyone here recommends?

Thank you for the tips and advice.


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Hi, Im not a new member but have been absent long enough to not be able to get into my original account.
any help from Admin or staff would be much appreciated.

kind regards


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For another dealer a decent spot to begin would be here: T2W Articles: Getting Started

furthermore, work through the articles from the base of the page up, focusing on the "amateur" kind of articles


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Thanks ill look at the article, just want to get into my old account if possible


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New to the Forum & New to Trading

Hi everyone. I've just joined the forum so here is a bit of an introduction to me.

I'm 48, married, have one daughter, one step-daughter, one step-son and 4 step-grandchildren, one cat and one puppy. I have no previous Trading experience but became interested in Blockchain technology when I heard that a part of the company I work for was looking at how they could use it in the Trading part of their business. That led me to learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies & wanting to learn more about how to trade them and other assets profitably.

By day I work as a Communication Manager for a large energy company, either working in London or from my home in the West Midlands, UK.

I am doing an amazing course which is helping me to learn not just the key trading skills, but also learn about the important psychological elements of trading and knowing myself.

I have a plan is to learn all that I can about Trading and transition out of the corporate world when I am able to be consistently profitable. That's my aim, anyway. Oh, and to meet some amazing people & have lots of fun along the way!!

When I have some spare time I love reading (I am a confirmed Bibliophile), walking, listening to music, spending time with my family and getting out on my motorbike.

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