I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

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Hello Everyone, I'm Michael, I'm Nigerian, I'm really new to trading, I've done a lot of homework and I'm currently using my demo account to practice, but I really need a bit of guidance and sort of mentorship from an experienced trader to sort of grasp what the reality of trading is like, I really want to make enough profit to be able to take care of Fam and travel abroad, I look forward to working with anyone
Welcome my friend.

I suggest you search for threads here which discuss the aspects you are trying to learn, or just make a new thread if there are no up to date threads.

You could make a journal in the section for journals. There you can discuss your experience of trading and get advise on your approach to trading as a whole
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Hello guys, I am Victor, born in Austria, currently MSc student, trading for about 2 years, trying to improve my algo/quant trading.
Welcome :)
This is a very nice place to learn, and has some very informative people.

I look forward to learning from your algo/Quant threads/questions


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Hi All,

Brand new so looking for some guidance regarding the forums.

I've been investing in equities, ETF's and OEIC's for the last 3 years and I'm now looking to take my first steps into trading Options (specifically longer dated).

I've covered the nature of options via professional qualifications and University but have zero practical experience. I'm brushing up on my general knowledge and looking at more complex areas of option pricing models (including greeks).

My first hurdle seems to be options brokers available in the UK, if anyone can provide some guidance here I would be eternally grateful.

Looking forward to discussing further!



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Hii all, Myself Ajay Ogale from Mumbai. I am new to this best forum hoping my trading experience will grow...


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Hi everyone, I'm new here. Just boasting my max drawdown for the recent year of trading is 0.65%.


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Hello everyone - I'm a newbie to trading, looking to start with FX after being very unsuccessful with Equities for the past 6 months. Looking forward to learning more from the wealth of resources on here :)
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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie as well. So many different paths and the eventual information overload out there. I hope to acquire the best path(s) to becoming a successful Forex trader by building successful trading habits and psychology from the mentors within Trade2Win.
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