IB number of tickers


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I keep getting -
IB Trader Workstation. "The maximum number of tickers has been exceeded. There are some tickers for which market data will not be displayed.
This started y'day. I had not added any and have since removed some. There are now 37. How many should I run?
Anyone else had this?
The maximum number of tickers allowed in IB is 40 but I have to say that the more tickers you run the less accurate the data can be, especially volume.

Have they just changed something because this happened for the first time y'day? I took more than 3 off, so I must have been running over 40 for a while.
I don't think they've changed the limit, but they have changed the way it's counted. There was something about it in one of the recent TWS release notes. I cant remember the details.
Thanks, I'll have a scour later. Got the gas man in at the mo, so watch out for big bang :cheesy:

Any news or link on the max number of tickers allowed by IB , I have the same problem.
have aa nice day .