Ah, DNS probably set to dynamic. You can set the dial up connection to use manual DNS's

Find out the DNS's used by the ISP add them and add the one I gave you and if the problem has been the ISPs DNS then Bobs yet uncle.

My ISP, Eclipse, have already given me preferred and alternate addresses.
The might have, but it suggests they may sometime have problems.

The address I have given is a very reliable Internet based one..

No harm in adding it to the list.

They gave me those when I went to them after IB said it wasn't their fault. As usual, it's nobody's fault :cheesy:
OK Jonny boy, I've made your one the Preferred and moved Eclipse preferred to Alternate...........

You might be slighly better off doing the other way round. Your ISPs DNS will be quicker in general, and it should be able to resolve nearly all references. Where it can't then the excellent DNS that Jonny has listed should be able to. But there is no real point in setting things up to search there first every time.
Thanks GS. I went in first time this AM so we'll see how it goes. I don't know what I did in the first place to cause the problem. That is the worry :cheesy:

It was probably nothing you did. It was probably your ISPs DNS or DHCP Server/s playing up.

Ah good, though I do have a tendency to fiddle around with things a bit.
Only way to find out :cheesy: