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Good day.

please has any one out here got an account with the above broker, i have heard that they are quiet good but can't see much info in they site, unless im still drunk,

Best wishes

probably i was drun from Saturday, and dont really go to the pub during the day, usually after 5pm.

I would also be interested in any feedback on this broker, I am looking for a broker to replace Cybertrader since they won't trade with UK residents and I will be moving back to the UK soon. It seems difficult to find a good direct access broker who can deal with UK residents. Have looked at IB and don't much care for their features.
What like cheap execution, an API to allow you to do much more than any other broker, the most financially secure broker in the US...

There's no pleasing some people.

Don't get me wrong JonnyT, have heard a lot of good things about IB and far be it from me to dis them. Just a personal preference I guess, have played with their simulator a few times and just can't get comfortable with it, wish I could because for me it would be the perfect choice. But I have a few more weeks so I keep playing on their simulator and who knows.
I didn't like the simulator much but, like all things, when you start using it, everything suddenly becomes a lot easier.
I'd stick with it and give it a "live" go.

Good luck
It's also worth bearing in mind that depending on what you are trading (futures, stocks etc), there are a whole load of front ends that work with IB, you don't have to use TWS directly. Autotrader, BracketTrader, NinjaTrader, ButtonTrader to name but a few :)