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[HOWTOINVEST] Investing Darwins: pitfalls, guidelines and expectations


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They don't want customers to openly and publicly discuss their work and their policies.
Expert users reproaching their failures and their promisses prevented big investors to join.
I am preparing a series of posts for this thread.As an answer to Darwinex boss calling us un-professional,non-alpha,gamblers,trolls,unqualified customers...To put things into perspective🦁

PS: Please be patient and read this thread till 105th post.All thread contains valuable data and advice.
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So lets see how Darwinex is successful in making money for themselves trading/investing darwins and how successful they are when recommending to customers which darwins are/will be good investments either through prominent interviews in company's blog or their Youtube channel or/and with giving high D-scores to those same darwins and giving them Darwinia winning spots at the time of promotion because of being on the highs and having high D-score at the same time.
For additional info about their success in this field,you can search threads in this forum about Model Portfolios(2 so far) https://www.trade2win.com/threads/model-portfolio-darwinex.238555/ and DWEX investing(link goes to some 250 posts in the old forum). https://www.trade2win.com/threads/dwex-darwinex-investing-darwins.238522/
I took all interviews from company's Blog in last 3 years and interviews from official Youtube channel in last 1-2 years( maybe I missed some because of a jungle in their videos section).
Plus their ongoing efforts with Company Darwins trading other darwins DWZ,DWF and DWC under wise leadership of best quants at Darwinex.
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You can find also my interview about LSC :ROFLMAO:
Easy to interview traders on highs!

BTW you are wrong about PUL and PUZ , I am an investor and divergence is positive .
The backtest will be always worse because of performance and management fees.
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I never understood the tacit promotion of "good looking" Darwins but maybe that's just me. Being overly promotional in this industry almost never ends well. An industry where only 2-3 out of 100 strategies have any long lasting edge. Shouldn't be interviewing anyone and giving them highlight on the official company blog.

Would have said it's old behaviour from them, but we can see them pushing SYO recently. It makes sense to do that today. Hopefully it will continue to make sense forever. Still doesn't justify it. Of course, interviews are not investment advice, bla bla.. but with the new rhetoric about "regulations" I wonder why this is acceptable and discussions on the community weren't.

These interviews give strong visibility and legitimise Darwin owners they don't have control over their trading behaviour.
I never understood the tacit promotion of "good looking" Darwins
That is because you believed what CEO of the company was saying everywhere:that they are Exchange,that everbody's interests were aligned,that there are no conflicts of interest as at other 'evil' brokers-signal providing platforms...The fact is these guys are after fees and commissions just like everybody else.
Customers complaining about losing money( investors) and earning nothing or very little(traders) was the demise of old forum.Which is sad,because it was archive of accumulated experience and good ideas that would in the end provide a sound footing for people making money consistently.The company lost patience and new customers will be like ducks flying into thick fog.
Stay tuned.This thread will continue.It will be good school for everybody and hopefully help people avoid repeating mistakes that were made in prior years.