Coke in the City


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I would disagree with this.

As someone that's had (more than?) my fair share of the white stuff in the past, I can hand on heart say it is utter crap and does nothing but turn you into a blabbering gobsh1te.

does it have any long term side effects?


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I've worked in the city for fifteen years and never done coke. You know what, I've never even SEEN anyone take a line of coke in my presence (although of course I'm not naive enough to think that people around me haven't been doing it).

Like all cliches, it works because there's a grain of truth in it, but the simple fact is that recreatilnal drug use is pretty rife in the UK as a whole these days, it's just that when a 25 year old pipe fitter does a line it's not because of his 'adrenaline fuelled champagne lifestyle', it's just some kid who wants to get mashed up.

People come out with such @rse sometimes. Honestly. Just call it what it is....


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I've tried it and think its over rated. Its a bit like alcohol but it takes effect quicker, loses effect quicker, gives no hangover, and is more expensive. The only good bit is not having a hangover, but most people take it with alcohol anywway. I don't know which is worse for you, alcohol or cocaine? Its shocking the amount of people that do the stuff though. I live in a sleepy little middle class village in North Wales (I'm not Welsh) and the number of young people (male and female) is ridiculous. Most of them work in the local business park for the likes of MBNA and M&S money. Good money to be made dealing the stuff, if my Dad wasn't the ex head of drug squad I might have considered it a few years ago! Or maybe that would have been a good cover? lol
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