How To Make Money Trading The Markets.

Mar 4, 2009
by banning me only makes mr c look bad and possibly a share holder of t2w and de values this thread even more imo.

i will not say no more incase i get banned, Im not a seriel mr c killer if thats what you think, infact ive been scared to raise these issue in the past as everyone who has seems to get banned. shame though as i was only creating debate, and would have accepted a response from mr c on the issues i raised. We are now doing what i didn't want and thats getting away from the real issues here. You cannot get this thread back on track yet as clearly im not the only one with concerns here, it needs authenticity now and anyone else creating a thread like this too would be asked for authenticity. Trade2win you are making this guy rich here!, surely what im asking for is worthy as anyone can become a mentor. Ive always said that mentors should do a test and provide statements and broker statements for the last 2 years to trade2win admin before they get the badge, whats wrong with this idea?.

No one wins with this method as much as richard states, so someone is lying either me or him.

I will not post again after this comment, if you ban me then fine but i give my word.


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Dec 6, 2009
lol @ James or Jason.... This is not very complicated.

Mr C does not have a magic market spirit level or a set of unique indicators. Some of the setups he uses can be found elsewhere. This should not come as a shock to anyone. Just because he teaches his methodology doesn't mean it has to consist of only things that cannot be found elsewhere. That would be ludicrous. Some of his stuff is stuff I have not seen anywhere else but some I have seen in other places since.

He has his methodology which is a combination of things and the setups are a part of that but not the totality. You can contact him and pick his brains before taking a course. You are free to then take a course or not but you will not be pushed into it.

I will admit that I do not make as much as Mr C following his methods but he's been doing it for 10 years and I've got roughly 6 months. There is a very easy way to check Mr C out further - get in touch with him.

Anyone expecting to take this course and be profitable the next day is dreaming and Richard will make that very clear to anyone contemplating taking the course. Some people just don't want to put the effort in.

You yourself PMd me asking me if I could automate this setup and backtest it to see if it is profitable. What if this setup occurs on a long at 09:55 and there's an economic announcement at 10am ? What if the market has just rolled over ? Do you still go long ? Of course not. Learn to trade it first & you'll soon learn why automation of this setup in such a simplistic way is just a pipe dream.

How long have you been at this game Jason ? Years isn't it ? You aren't any closer to getting into profit. You should take a step back and try to figure out why that is. You should certainly spend a lot less time worrying about Richards mentoring and a lot more time on the issues that are holding you back.

Drop the whole automation thing. There is no point trying to automate trading until you have learnt how to trade. If you don't want to pay for a course and you want to daytrade, then switch off the internet, stop reading trading books and have a long hard look at how things move intra-day.

Either that - or just give up. Spend more time on your business and with your family and just write trading off as a bad experience. It is obvious that this is getting to you and it is a shame.
Aug 27, 2009
This is exactly right, though I do sometimes enter trades purely on charts (as I did on many of the trades on this thread) if level 2 T&S is not as positive as I would prefer or neutral or unreadable.
Anyone reading my blog will see that this week alone I had 5 losing trades out of 13.
However, note that although 8 were winners, two were small, but six were substantial.
Even more importantly the five losers were small.
Thoroughly enjoying working my way through this thread. Mr, Charts, regarding your previous comments of "mental stops only" I find it hard to not have at least an emergency stop to guard against a locked up machine or such.
Aug 27, 2009
Once again, a great thread Mr. Charts. Can you occasionally post the symbols for your recent trades. I don't need the charts as you have posted many of those. Just a post of the "action" recently so I can go back and see how I would have traded them.

Thanks again