HELP!!! SMS Alerts



Not sure this is the right forum, but couldnt decide which one to post this to...

I used to be able to get SMS stock alerts sent to me at work from

The SMS service has stopped, and I dont have internet access at work, so I need to be able to get stock alerts via sms.

Does anyone know of any good SMS alert sites?

I dont mind paying a small fee if the service is good.
Yep, tried them...

They are ok, but you only get one alert, then you have to reset your alert threshold on the web before you get another alert.

I have just put 10 alerts for the same stock onto the genie alerts page. Each threshold is 2% more than the previous alert. Ill see if that works.

It worked, but was a bit slow..

CityComment do free SMS for its members.
It will send you news, opening and closing quotes, index quotes, and a varying degree of indivual stock quotes.

Just thought I would share it with people if anyone was interested.
I have opened an account with TextMagic, it allows you to send text (SMS) messages by email...
if you have any email alerts - available through your broker platform, or your yahoo finance -
just add a filter to your google (yahoo) email forwarding those alerts to textmagic for further forward to your mobile phone... sounds complicated but gives you maximum flexibility :eek:)

Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in TextMagic :eek:) actually I would imagine there are plenty of email-to-SMS bridges available on the market.

Yahoo USA offers a service of stock-alerts-to-SMS, but it seems limited to US mobile numbers. One could purchase a US phoney mobile forwarding to your UK mobile... I am not sure if such thing exists... sounds machiavellian indeed...
SpikeCharts has launched Mobile Price Alerts service. It covers forex pairs for now, more instruments from other markets (stocks, gold etc.) will be added in the future. It is free and very easy to use, give it a try here Price Alerts
timetrade have email and SMS Alerts for UK and US stocks and Forex.

(Including real-time alerts for some UK stocks).

You can also build and customise your own technical indicator Alerts (eg MACD cross-over, RSI below 70 etc) using a really easy to use "point and click" system - no programming required.

See this link:
SMS Alerts
Which carrier you are using?it is very simple i am using the SMS alerts service from my networks.If still you get problem please call to your help line number and ask about this they will guide you.
If you are still looking ?
Simply open an accout with IG iNDEX
You can have alerts sent to your mobile in any part of the world.