How to get FREE sms alerts

Newtron Bomb

Guest Author
First - sign up for a free email service cmc provide this ADVFN or a quick search on google will provide you with a list of providers.
In some cases your broker may already provide this facility

Second - Sign up for a free online email service with a new email sms feature. orange and O2 provide this

Third - set up your email alert to go to an online email service

Fourth - set up your online email service to send you an sms for every new email

- Do not use this for anything else to avoid spam and false alerts
- ensure you have a reliable email alerts the like of CMC are prone to not working
- Some sms alert service will proved a sample of the message so you will know what your alerts is for

There are a variety of providers for email alerts and sms alerts so shop around for the best combination that will suit your requirements.

Hope this helps

Newtron Bomb
I'd also avoid using anything remotely short, catchy or near the front of the alphabet for the e-mail address you use. My e-mail is short and near the front of the alphabet and I get bombarded with junk mail that isn't even addressed to me.

Will what you are suggesting send an SMS which includes the new email or just an alert to say you have an email ?
I use the alerts infrequently now but when i do i use them to alert me that something needs doing, if you can get email on your phone then just have the email go to your phone.

Some folks dont have email hence the need to be alerted when away from the trading screen by an sms message.

This is a free way to achieve this.

Well, there are no free sms service, of cource, but you are interested in receiving Forex economic events, you could use fxsmsalert dot com service. It is cheap, I use it for a month now, and I can admit that it pays off well.

For free sms service you can also go for some advisory company which enable this services as soon as you register for their free trial service.