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I used to get free SMS alerts on my mobile phone using BT Openworld E-Mail service to alert me when an E-Mail came in from someone I specified in advance. I used this in conjunction with deal4frees E-Mail alerts to notify me when a stop was hit.Unfortunately BT have discontinued the service. Does anyone know of any E-Mail accounts were I could do the same?

Thanks Mark.
In light of a few PM's a way you can get free sms is to use your usual method of email alerts and have them sent to an Orange online email account which will send you a text for every new email. Be sure not to use this for anything else to avoid spam.


The same using o2 (Used to be Genie)
I get price alerts to my mobile from Comdirect via that route.
Thanks for the replies. Glenn, I can't find anything about Comdirect on the o2 site what is that? Do you just get alerts from them when you get an e-mail which is what I need?
Newtron B, Do I need an Orange phone to open an orange online e-mail account? If not do you have a link to open an account?

Thanks Mark.
I had one originally but i dont now and i still have the alerts come through ok

Sorry if I've confused you. Comdirect is a Broker who can send alerts to e-mail, presumably like D4F. So ignore the Comdirect bit.

"Do you just get alerts from them when you get an e-mail which is what I need?"
Yes, you can get up to 160 characters of the e-mail as an SMS message.

With Comdirect you set up a list here

set your alerts here

and send your Email alert to your orange Email address which you set up for free at (see Email and messaging)

Unfortunately they are 10min delayed (or at least used to be)

You can do exactly the same with ADVFN who supply real time alerts.

Unfortunately they have recently changed their alerts system (Grrrr) and I cannot work out how they work, or if they work properly. Their % trailing stops seem to trigger early, and sometimes in the wrong direction. However, you can no longer set the trailing stop from a high or low like the old system, you need to specify a price, anyone have similar problems?

Why ADVFN have to keep changing things beggars belief they always make it worse!

If you
Many thanks for your help NB and Glenn. I have now set up an orange E-Mail account and sent myself some e-mails to test it. The alerts are working ok so I can set up real time alerts via CMC so I know when my stops are triggered. ( when I have lost money!)

thanks again, trade2win is great !!

The longest ive had to wait was 10 mins for an alert when the net was congested with one of these virus's

It is usually no more that about 5 mins with orange.

Dont forget to check your provider from time to time as they may stop working and can leave you out to dry ;)

I don't have an orange mobile and I didn't need one. I signed up for an orange E-Mail account and it was free and I get free sms alerts which so far have been very quick and reliable. This is even better than btopenworld because I had to pay £2.50 a month for their system. Thanks to NB for pointing me in the right direction. Vote added!
If you have a T Mobile cell account, it has an email address attached to it, which is usually:

[email protected]

So if you use this number to get an email alert, it actually arrives at your phone as an SMS.

I believe most of the other operators have a simular service.

You might need to call your operator to get email activated.
Have only just spotted this thread but just to let you all know, I have recently set up the same facility through o2. ie set up email account to send sms to mobile phone. So far this is working fine- text alerts seem to be coming through well within 5 mins.

Just to let you know this is therefore a viable alternative. It does say however, during set up on the o2 website, that the service will be changing from free to 10p per text message sent.

o2 have recently got quite greedy. They now charge for international SMS messages that used to be free for me, they are, as you say, charging for SMS alert of emails and they have scrapped the customer loyalty discount that was worth 20% of my subscription.

I have written to them complaining about this as I was told the discount would last for the length of my contract and they just pulled it. So after 3 year with them I will be dumping them as soon as my contract finishes. I did tell them that I have no incentive to stay with them any more and that there are much better deals available.

I also said that the cost of winning and keeping new customers is always much more expensive than keeping the ones you already have. Finally I said that, as a senior strategy advisor myself, I would sack any one who implemented a policy that actively encouraged existing customers to seek competitor products which is what they have just done.

The reply should be quite interesting.

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Interesting indeed trader333. Let us know how you get on.

Also interesting to note that orange allow you to have an email account with them, and get free sms alerts, without even requiring an orange phone/ line. Seems difficult to believe as you rarely get owt for nowt these days.

May be worth setting up email facility with them too...?
I use mytrack as my market platform but any service that does alerts will be ok. I route the email via Yahoo mail with has a text alerting facility you decide which emails get a text alert by setting a filter.