help on tradestation 2000i


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i'm having trouble with the tradestation software. is it possible to add your own indicators to radarscreen? if so, how?



i have tradestation 200i that i've had for qite a few years. i've lost the password. any ideas where to get a new on or get around the requirement?
I'm about to start writing a trading strategy to be used on Forex. Can this be done using Tradestation 2000i? I am guessing as long as I have a Forex data feed there will be no problems, but i would just like to make sure before i start spending my hard earned $$$ on forex data.





I am new to Tradestation 2000i. Currently I am having a problem with of seeing only 255 securities when I try to open the directory of Metastock formatted files (which is supported and certainly has more than 255 in it). Does anyone knows how to get round this problem?

tks !


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The only way to get around the 255-securities-per-folder limitation is to separate out the data into multiples of 255 securities in TradeStation 2000i.

Only TradeStation v8.1 with service pack 1, which came out late 2005, can read more than 255 securities per folder MetaStock format - it can handle 6000 securities per folder MetaStock format.


I need some help please

I am no sure what has gone wrong but when I am trying to create a chart I can no longer see the instruments in the drop down box, that I created in globalserver.

So what I did was uninstall the software and reinstall. Now when I install globalserver I get a message "cannot find subserver.dll".

I have tried to uninstall and install a few times and cannot come right.

Any help would be appreciated



Subserver is the datafeed provider that you use so which company are you with ?


Hi Paul

I am with Interactive Brokers and make use of metaserver to extract the data.

When I install global server I need to select Subserver Online but when I do this I get the error message.

So at this point I cannot even get global server installed correctly.



The subserver references the software for metaserver. You need to reinstall the metaserver software and then you should be able to select it with no errors.



The subserver references the software for metaserver. You need to reinstall the metaserver software and then you should be able to select it with no errors.


HI Paul

Thanks again for your help, it is really appreciated.

I did what you said. Iuninstalled both Metaserver and TRadestation. I then installed then both again. I got the same message this time but at lease it gave me the option to continue which I did.

I was then able to start global server and setup my instrument. I linked it to metaserver and was able to see the the data coming into global server. So this means that the link between Interactive brokers software (TWS), metaserver and global server is all good.

However now when I start tradestation and open a new workspace. I try to open a new chart and the instruments that I created in Global server are not appearing in the drop down list.

So I cannot create charts of any data. It is almost as if tradestation is not linking to globalserver.

Man this is a pain. :(
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