Got Sierra,What Else Do I Need?


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(I've got the IB feed) Can't really work out from their board. If I purchase (trial) Mytrack Silver,can I fill in missing INTRADAY data including the CURRENT day?I want the indices proper as well as the index futures.
Hi Jonnyy40

If you get Mytrack silver and have all the exchanges you need then you won't need the IB feed. You can get the basic Mytrack feed which is delayed by 20 minutes and download all the data from the previous days and then use the IB feed to pick-up data as it goes along.

It is just easier to have the Silver Mytrack feed if you can afford it. Remember to turn on SierraChart in Mytrack to get the data sent correctly.

So with the basic.I can log on 1hour late say and download data up to 20 minutes ago?So after 20 minutes I'd be up to date?
You would be up-to-date 20 minutes ago :confused:

Say you downloaded at 8:00, you would have data up to 7:40 and then at 8:20 you would have the data up to 8:00

If that makes sense
Yes,thanks for your time FB.I meant logging on with the IB feed.So after 20mins you'd be covered by both.

In fact the delay is only 15 min.

There are also other ways of dealing with this issue, but they all involve leaving your computer on, or at least turning it on before the open.

You can use something like TWSStart and the task scheduler to start up IB and Sierra before the open so you don't miss any data. If you want you can write a batch file that will copy the MT/Sierra files to the IB installation of Sierra (and rename them so the codes match) and run that before the open too, so you don't need to have IB running to the close if you don't want to.
Thanks ftse and Greying Surfer.I don't really know what a batch file is,so TWSStart sounds more like it.I read your postings on Helen's board too.
Open notepad and write something like:

copy f:\utils\sierrachart\data\AX`U.mnd f:\utils\sierrachart2ndInst\data\DAX-200309-DTB.mnd
copy f:\utils\sierrachart\data\FE`U.mnd f:\utils\sierrachart2ndInst\data\ESTX50-200309-DTB.mnd

which copies the current DAX and ESTX contracts from my MT Sierra installation to my IB one, and changes the names from MT to IB codes as it does so.

Save the file with a *.cmd name, and then either run it directly, or set up the scheduler to run it for you each morning.

This will overwrite the entire files. An alternative to "copy" that I use is to run a program I've written which will just append any new data to an existing Sierra file. If you are interested you can email me and I'll send you a copy.
I've got the full size Dow contract INDU ACE SEP03 Futures ZD SE running directly below YM.I don't want INDU-I-NYSE as this is the index NOT the future.Can anyone tell me how to get the chart for INDU-200309-ACE? Do IB prevaricate because their commission is automatically halved? Could anyone tell me the $10 Dow symbol on Mytrack also if you know it? -- Thanks (becoming hacked off).----------------------GOT MY ANSWER - 'We do not provide trading on the $10 Dow contract to our retail clients.' They don't want to halve their commision?
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