US Stocks and Sierra


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Hi I currently use SC Magic and Sierra Charts to trade the YM e-mini with the IB feed. I would like to trade some US Stocks also but there is no backfill with scmagic. Does the mytrack feed provide backfill for all US Stocks without downloading as with SCMagic so that you can chart any Stock instantly and have backfill ?

Yes, Sierra does the backfill for you automatically with MyTrack when you open the chart.

This lack of backfill with IB really is a pain isn't it!

Thanks Ken, I may use two versions of Sierra one with IB feed and one with Mytrack. How much do you pay for the Mytrack data for live US Stocks Data.
MyTrack costs $20 + exchange fees for the real-time Silver plan, and to use Sierra with it you pay another $25 (all + VAT).

Have a look at this thread and the posts about how cost effective (IMO) AIQ can be over Sierra if you want to use the MyTrack feed, and open an account with MyBroker in the UK:

I'm still toying with the idea of going back to AIQ - this no backfill/SCMagic nonsense with IB's data does do my head in sometimes.

Can I use Mytrack for the backfill/ historic data and IB for the real time does this work and will it prove to be cheaper?
I haven't tried that but I believe it can be made to work, I'm sure I saw somebody on here mentioning this some time ago. I think you need to rename the files from IB symbol format to MyTrack, do the backfill and rename them back or some such guddle.

This would save you $15, the Basic 20 min delayed MyTrack service costs $5 and you still have to pay the $25 Sierra/MyTrack API fee.