IB volume to low on ftse


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I have been trading ftse futures using mytrack data feed,

Today I started using the IB feed apart from not being
able to get historic intraday data, I found the volume shown
on the IB charts to be around a third of the mytrack volume

I find volume surges a good exit indicator on down trends ,
so it makes me a bit worried IB don't show all the data..

Has anyone else come across this ?



Senior member
Hi Ian,

I cannot say I have noticed this, but after many extrensive looks at volume I decided that it added nothing to my trading, in fact perhaps the opposite.



Senior member
You should be wary of a large vol increase. They can be "crosses" ie. self-trades within a company to accomodate 2 or more accounts or they can represent switches ie. Jun/Sep, so it doesn't necessarily move the market.

Be lucky,
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