Goldline Trading System


Has anyone come across the Goldline system for trading the DJIA ?

They claim to win at least 400 points per month minimum.

Would be interested to hear any comments.

Never heard of it, are you sure it is called Goldline ? if it is do you have a web address for it ?



Yes it's called Goldline. I followed a link on a ADVFN bulletin that was emailed to me. Sounds ok but the software costs GBP 5,000.

I can email the ADVFN bulletin to you if you want.

I just realised that this had been on here before and was about to post the same link.

Basically it is run by a provider of horseracing software who has now become and expert on trading, well the two are virtually the same so why not ?????

Where's the main goldline system thread gone??

There is another small thread but the main one has disapeared.

The posts that I wrote on the thread has also been deleted from my list of post in my profile??

Mr Squad
Yes I read his post last night. He was defending his system and bragging about all his cars, racehorses etc allegedly bought with the proceeds of his trading monies.

Wonder if legal words have been spoken to Sharky ????
I would have loved to have seen his posts about how much money he's earnt etc etc etc, never trust those kinds of people.

Anyway all you should know about the system is that historically its worst drawdown was 74% basically meaning it's impossible to trade and I for one would steer well clear of these kinds of easy money type systems.

Anyway why was the previous thread pulled?

No horse racing and trading are different, but the allure of easy money is the same and this is what the system sellers market.

Get rich quick, get rich easy, beat the pros at their own game etc......Oh, and all for a few mins a day - Part time your way to success.

74% historical drawdown means a certain failure.
If it's so good why's the price dropped from £5,000 to £1,500?

No doubt because the seller 'really wants to help the little guy'!

More like he's busted out everyone who'd pay £5k and so it's time to move on the the ones that will pay £1.5k.