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It is the case that you should never click on the unsubscribe link because they then know it is a live email account. Replying to the "from" address may take you to a ficticious name on a real company's email address and they may know nothing about it (my particular problem at the moment).
I read a short time ago that there is a spam email going round offering to take you off the spammers lists ( or something similar). This apparently is another means of the spammers finding live email accounts.


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Incidentally, if anyone is after a pretty good (and free) popup blocker, try installing Google Toolbar. Absolutely brilliant imho.



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I think the Google toolbar contains spyware and so what you gain on the popups they gain on their knowledge of where you've been anyway - theres no such thing as a free lunch


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There are plenty of free pop-up blockers around but some programmes require you to allow them.


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I might be mistaken , but when u download the Google toolbar isnt there an option to install with or without this bit of spyware.....think it is something to do with the search facility or something.

I installed it without accepting this option, being a bit cautious as I did it on my inlaws PC first, & the pop-up blocker & main facilities still work a treat............if I am talking out of my a**e forgive me. but this seemed to ring a bell



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By hving Kazza installed or one of many other pieces of pirating / sharing software.So beware. Stealth is not the word....


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Although my wife would welcome me having a 9 inch p*n*s I'm fed up with all the mail from people telling me how to get one by taking their herbs.

My wife is also getting a bit suspicious about the girls e-mailing me who say they have installed a web cam.

Any up to date testimonials on the best anti spam (preferably freeware) software to get rid of this cr*p?

Assistance much appreciated, and thanks in advance.


PS Anybody tried the herbs?
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I use Mailwasher so you can delete the spam from the server and don't have to download it at all.
You can set it up with filters and blacklists
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