Ftse harmonic trading 80-90% win ratio


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I am going to show and convince you that trading FTSE market offers a golden unique opportunity far beyond anything in FOREX to trade harmonics well with high success rate. I take harmonic trades, those are trades which uses specific price patterns with the alignment of exact Fibonacci ratios to determine highly probable reversal points. I am able to achieve 80-80 success rate and I would like to show I do this in this thread.

There is one caveat of sort that is I take about 3-4 trades per week depending on market conditions. So I sit out of the market most of the time, which does not bother me so much when I look at my golden equity curve. I try to make between 150 - 200 pips per month I believe less but more reliable is better formula for success.

I will post my trades on this thread.

Good luck trading


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Could we have live trades ? Such as that run by Lord Flashearts thread ?

Well trying this bullish butterfly with trend line support.
Long at 5850 targeting 50-60 pips



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This move took time to take of but when it did she moved swiftly and we were doing nicely with +30 pips within a few hours.

But quicker than brewing a cup of tea the market completely rejected price at this level and it dropped 20 pips in 5 minutes and printed a huge bearish pin bar on the H1 where I exit for 10 pips profit :cry:


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The most powerful pattern in trading :)

few pips SL and TP 30 Pips.
You can go ahead and calculate the RR :)



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I am doing well meeting that 80% win rate but I know I can do much much better ! Why because for example some of those failures were not harmonic trades like earlier this week I took a AB=CD patter ... what a stupid move that one was. But harmonics + Gann lines have been great



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I can't understand a single thing on those charts. What are all the indicators you use?

DUDE I dont have 1 Indicator on my chart.
I just have levels.
This is called a 5-0 pattern and was invented by Scott Carney.

For all purposes you just need to know that I am selling and looking for 40 PIPS now and I am 80% sure I am going to get them :cheesy:


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Ok, I was just trying to work out what your thinking was. I'll do some research on the 5-0 pattern.


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August to October is not 1 month last time I checked. Are my results that unbelievable ? :clap:

Well unfortunately its not the case if you do your research you will find out that proper chart analysis and pattern identification has been around along time since the 30's.
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