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Hello Traders,
I’m Naidu, I am a currency trader and trade only harmonic patterns.i will be using only this software
Best Harmonic Trading Software by SCOTT CARNEY ,Founder & Inventor of Harmonic Patterns
Access Details: [Link Removed]

I’m starting this thread with the purpose to prove Harmonic Patterns is very powerful trading Strategy.
This is a Advance method of trading but If any body follow SCOTT CARNEY Books,videos & Live Trading Webinars they can easily learn trading in a very small time
I will not be providing how long I’ve been trading nor will I be answering questions about my results,My charts will explain everything my result will not be equal to yours
This system is based on price action, ratios and harmonics.
Three indictors will be used.
I'm having good Success ratio with Harmonic Patterns when these 3 indicators Align i usually get 90% success ratio.
I only follow SCOTT CARNEY Sir RULES to ENTER & EXIT a trade
Please let me know if there is an interest in harmonics .I welcome all harmonic traders to participate and post
Thank u
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Looking forward to seeing some of your charts etc.

Have you any profit/loss accounts to show ?
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you hum it and i'll play it ............

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