Harmonic Analyzer Software


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I am selling my Harmonic Analyzer, a software program which allow scanning of high probability of ratio patterns for trading. vww.harmonicanalyzer.com It cost more than 2000USD.

What is included : Installation disk of Harmonic Analyzer Software Program.

Pls kindly pm me with offer if interested. Tks!!
There are more than 10000 of listed companies listed on United States. And to locate a stock CURRENTLY forming a famous Gartely Pattern need ample to reviewing charts and calculating ratio of past swing. Harmonic Analyzer has a scanner which scan the entire universe of stock and return stock which are forming harmonic patterns. These pattern usually return on a 20 to 30% basis, depending on the market outlook and pattern time frame.
Trader333 said:
Why are you selling it ?


The website seems to be down - no home page, instead you get to view their directory structure. Looks like not been changed since some time in 2003..... Nothing interesting on there from a quick scout round.