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FTMO vs Darwinex


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It is pretty evident that they paid 150k to traders, so the total payout is cumulative, like at Darwiniex.
Also the profits of single traders are the total.
Thy are updating their TOTAL stats every month

Lederboard is defined as " best accounts of FTMO" , not the best for August.
The leaderboard is updated every day.
with all respect: IMO it is nonsense to believe they show total stats.
Do you really believe that all payouts but the biggest one were less than 100k?

Go to the User stats: Subtract the profit from the equity and you find typical FTMO challenge and account sizes, and no decimal places as at Darwinex.
Add all profits shown only for the top 10 of all account sizes and you find a 6 digits figure much greater than 150k only for the top traders.

Let's wait for beginning of September and then we'll see what happens end of August and beginning of September.

If you go to LinkedIN FTMO is in the same category for employees (51-200) as Darwinex, and they don't have to fulfill AML and brokerage requirements as Darwinex.

For me it looks like you completely underestimate the growing prop firm industry.


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I dont underestimate nothing.
They paid 150k in one month instead of 50k paid by Darwinex.
The profits of the top 10 are the total profit of the account, where does it say is the profit of one month?
They paid 150k in one month, that is fine and more than Darwinex, but same order of magnitude, it is not a rain of millions.
They are competitive with Darwinex and so far they paid 60% of what Darwinex paid.
Maybe they are growing insted of stagnating like Darwinex.


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Yes, funded with 10k and earning peanuts or nothing (to respect the risk limitations), similar to the thousands of active darwins.
And those of the leaderboard are the open profits not the withdrawn payments.
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FTMO 1.png

FTMO 2.png


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The FTMO leaderboards are changed from region to account size.
They are running boards which means if an account got a payout, it disappears - of course also, if the account was closed for rule violation.

This is the snapshot a month later than the region boards were published here.
Most names of today did not appear in the leaderboards a month ago.





10k account size:
What a great improvement. Competition always makes its effect hahahaha ! But the target to pass the evaluation model is still at +10%, right? They should lower to +8% to totally convince me.

It takes at least 6 months of consistent trading to achieve the 90% split :

Which is not so bad actually.
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