FTMO vs Darwinex

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Well, these companies are probably legit. Not trying to question it.

My problem with these companies is with their model. It's a kind of 'get rich fast' approach. Personally I would preffer to create a solid track record. Of course It takes time and is difficult as hell, but it is robust. At the end of the day if a trader is a bad trader could win some FTMO challenges but his account will disappear. It's like playing with a gambling machine, you can win some Jackpots but the odds are against you. Sonner or later you'll get banckrupt. Casinos are legit but I wouldn't take them seriously as a place to make money.

Just an opinion. Whish luck to those of you guys who jumped on that model. It will be interesting to see what happens to your accounts in 1 or 2 years, track record again ;)
Build a track record for who or what exactly? Get a job at a bank?

Lets say you trade your own $10,000 account and pull in 2% per month, this would be about $2600 ish profit at the end of the year, WITHOUT any withdrawals and risking your own 10k.

If you trade a decent prop (I'm not talking about ripoff white labels popping up all over) like FTMO or MFF.

A 100k account trading it in the same way would nett you over $20k while WITHDRAWING every month.....
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FTMO statistics for October:

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I didn't notice there was an answer here. My appologies. I'm too busy at work, it's annoying because my work steals time for my trading :)

Build a track record for who or what exactly? Get a job at a bank?

Build a track record for yourself. Compound interest can leave you to heaven, and with a little help of investors you can expect to reduce this time as much as possible. But yes, it should take many many years I suppose; at least that's what all my Excelsheets tell me. I'm not aware of any shortcut. So let's do it, the sooner you start the better and enjoy the road.

Only time can prove if you have the mojo. If you don't have it, who cares if you trade with a prop or not. As much as you gamble, same results.

Lets say you trade your own $10,000 account and pull in 2% per month
Impossible trade for a living with $10K
Almost impossible to get 2% per month consistently
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