Follow me and the DAX


Hi traders, i know everyone is looking for the so called 'holy grail' well there is no such thing, but i have my own version which ive found very proffitable over time.

I will post my trades as of now, any questions! just leave them and i'll answer as soon as i can.

I trade the DAX, its not as fast-paced as the DOW, but i find the trading hours suit me alot better.

Anyway your a bit l8 to jump on this latest trade but i'll tell you anyway, once the reversal comes along i'll let you know in good time.
By reversal i simply mean bet the other way.

I suggest you paper-trade to build confidence first.

Current trade, started 17th of DEC.

Buy DAX at 3871. :cool:


MUG2K :cheesy:

By the way, this system is brilliant! pm me if you want my back-test! Also if need be you can reverse trades every morning b4 work. As i'll post the night b4.
Nice one Mug2k

I started to give signals out on the Dow also all the trades I give was winners and 1 break-even trade. But nobody takes much notice but I will start again in 2004.

In addition the guys on here will think you after somthing.trying to sell you system to them.Thats what I was had in the beginning I was looking for 4 to 5 traders to place trades on for me for every one lot I trade they trade 1 lot for me. I would have given them a $1000 to cover for losses. but they was not interested.

But from here on I enjoy posting up and talking to other traders. its a good site good luck on you trades

hang on there !

what happened to this trade first ?

Posted earlier today

Current trade Sell Dax 3849!!!

you are still 30 pts down on this. And not yet closed ?
bonsai there was a mix up with that last trade, count it void!

Just follow from this 1, u wont b disapointed
is this for real?

because it starts looking like a windup.

Anyone going short overnight in a grinding up bull market has got to be brave (brave = stoopid) or know soemthing we don't. And it's Christmas.. bullish.

SO brave I think...:)
wouldn't it be great if you could just void all your losing trades!

"Sorry Mr Wheeler (IG) in hindsight that trade lost me money, I don't want it any more."

"That's ok son, here have your money back, we'll just delete that off your statement and hope nobody notices."
maybe he works

for a US hedge fund and does market timing in Mutual Funds..
Now if I buy at yesterday's price I can sell at today's gap up... but I'll buy at yesterday's price this morning, Thank you
same ol' crap from u guys, always rubbishing everything!

Im posting my trades for others to look at, dont really care what you 50p millionaires think anyway!

Why is everyone so quick to criticise? Give the guy time to prove himself, it is not costing you anything, and may end up making you money...