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Hi everyone, hope you all had a good christmas! :cheesy:

Ive decided to post up all my trades (from now till March 1st 04)
in this time i hope you will have confidence in what im offering.

Goto my simple site to check the latest running trades ;)

Thanks alot


p.s I will be happy to answer any questions


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he tell half the people one thing, the other half the opposite so half the people think hes a genius?


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Let's give the guy a chance! 3 months is a reasonable test period.

Hopefully he's got his system sorted now and won't declare the losers void now. It's easy enough for us to just keep checking the website.

Although I would advise people to take on board his own warning on the site. The trades are for entertainment only and should not be blindly copied.


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I think the voiding of losing trades should be an integral part of all trading strategies.


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sidinuk said:
Let's give the guy a chance! 3 months is a reasonable test period.

muk2k's intention is to use the T2W site to promote a business.

if he gets lucky and his calls work out then he gets a bunch of suckers subscribing to his tips/calls thanks to T2W

surely the correct procedure would be for him to produce at least six months of verifiable trades before T2W allows him to use the site for this nonsense ?


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I do agree with you there, qaza, that the general promotion of one's own services should be through paid for advertising if T2W wish to take that sort of promotion (such as Mr Charts and Naz). But given his track record to date, I think Mug may provide us with some good entertainment over the next 3 months so an exception in this case should be made!


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Perhaps you'd like to take on the task of posting his trades on this thread, just for the record? Then after six months is up the evidence would be here for everyone's enjoyment. Are you game?

I'll start you off. Here's the current trades:

Index / Trade executed / Signal / Price
DOW 24th Dec 03 Sell 10323
DAX 16th Dec 03 Sell 3864
Hang Seng 19th Dec 03 Buy 12378
Nikkei 225 25th Dec 03 Sell 10356
FTSE 17th Dec 03 Buy 4343
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