final hurdle IB


tws is up and running everything seems to be o.k. only one problem at the moment, I can't find tickers for my required futures.
For the moment, I would just like the tickers for the march and June ftse futures contract.

appreciate all help.
Chose underlying mode from the view menu.

On a new row type in Z, LIFFEs symbol for the FTSE future

Then chose Future the date etc.

cheers JT
I also need the ticker symbols for some American futures.
so far I have being unsuccessful with IB's ticker look up.
the tickers I require include the
1)s&p future
2)e mini s&p
3)Dow futures
4)e mini dow
5)nasdaq future
6)e mini nasdaq


ES for S&P emini
NQ for Nasdaq emini
YM for Dow mini
DJ for Dow full

one last problem !!
I am trying to link IB and sierra, however I am running into problems. I am currently only using the free version to experiment with(this may be the problem).

I am quite sure I have gone through the setup correctly, however when I ask sierra to connect to IB it says
-unable to connect to data feed server-
-is IB TWS software running and is t enabled for socket clients-

i have checked this, everything seems to be in order.

appreciate all help.

Make sure in the IB TWS you have done the following:

Go to "Configure" and select "API" make sure all options are ticked in that category.

Try again and if it is not that then maybe someone else can help as I dont use Sierra,

Good Luck

Ah, hold on.
With free version you might only be able to get certain pre selected shares.