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Helen Eurostoxx

I am considering trading the eurostoxx50. I use deal4free and i think that they have recently added the eurostoxx to their platform. Symbol EUSTOX50.

I was wondering if there are any free charting sites (even EOD charts will do) as i cannot seem to find it on or anywhere else for that matter. I think that have it, but for some reason my computer hardly ever lets me log in to my charts i have saved on the site.

thx for any responses.



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There's a list on the Eurostoxx site somewhere.FutureSource have them,but use FS's charts in a more accessible manner in my opinion.


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Whilst D4F have advertised Eurostoxx and the symbol does exit under European Indices, I think you'll find the chart and quote sections of the MarketMaker software do'es not yet display the data.



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Mine does :) Or at least it did a couple of weeks ago. I decided not to SB it in the end because the spread/move was not as good as on the Dax.


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HELEN : I moitor the STOXX on Yahoo Finance which is suitable for my requirements. Intraday, 5Day, 3months and 1yr available. One slight problem is that its not steaming which requires hitting the refresh button every time you want update the chart. Just as an afterthought why STOXX and not DAX. Greater Intra range on the DAX and an extremly close corellation to the STOXX. IM sure you have your reasons. Good Luck
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