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This could be a long post for which I will apologise in advance :!:

I was browsing the various posts when it suddenly hit me - I felt as though I was listening to (and sometimes speaking to) friends.

Since discovering this site I have smiled at FTSEBs quips, nodded sagely at the wise words of Helen and Scrimbleshanks, admired the ease and clarity of Chartmans ability to explain the whys and wherefores of particular trades and been irritated by Lord Jalmas pretention along with a myriad of other posters who bring their inexperience or expertese to these boards.

A great many other sites do not seem to allow for dissent. I was actually sworn at in reply to one of my posts although I did get an apology after 'well,welling' him ;)

I do find that I am so comfortable here that it's almost like home!!. The only other sites I feel a little like this is on Pfscan - not yet back up and running properly, and the IPT board (closed) on TMF. (Sorry Helen I bet the eurostoxx will be good too, but outside my field at the moment!).

I have said this before, but it bears repeating - it is so nice to have well policed boards where you can post a controversial subject and actually get well reasoned replies.

Sorry for the length, but I wanted to share my warm glow.

PS A great advantage is that, unlike visiting friends, I can switch you off :cheesy:

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Here here.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to stubble on trade2win and over the time I have gain many friends and work colleagues, some of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting face to face and consider close friends.

The more I look around at T2W, the more I feel it is a complete trading reference point and the only bulletin boards I now look at are Helen and Austins Eurostoxx and of course here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask all the members to stop and think for a minute about the time that is spent behind the scenes at T2W and the tireless efforts of Sharky and his fellow moderators who have built up T2W from scratch (I believe solely in their spare time).

Orchard - It's soooooo nice to know that you like to turn "us" off occasionally ;)


I'll second that first !

I, like yourself FB, consider myself incredibly lucky to stubble on trade2win, however, the missus doesn't like me to stubble on her much, she reckons i'm givin' her a terrible rash !! :eek: :eek: :LOL:


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Thanks Orchard,

When I left TMF I thought I would really miss it terribly, it felt like a huge wrench. The fact is I don't, one or two of the people yes but TMF not at all. T2W is a great site and Sharky has the technical "know how" to take it anywhere the users want. There is an abundance of goodwill here and what better set up can you have than goodwill and ability :)

Thanks to everyone who makes the site a good place to visit.


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How could I forget to mention Sharky :eek:

I trust that it was realised that, in what I said, due tribute was implied, together with my admiration for his computer programming skills (of which I have none :cry: )

Anyway, just in case, THANK YOU SHARKY (and the other moderators, of course :cheesy: )


Wow, quite a response.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, and to Orchard for starting this thread. It's the best feeling to hear how well liked the site has become and how its given rise to a genuine and tangible sense of community.

I've never been a fan of sites which don't engage their audience - the web for me is much more than an online brochure, it's the interaction which excites me. In many ways its like being an architect - the desire is there not to just build something truly splendid but also to breathe life into it - so it's no longer just a construction of bricks and mortar.. or pages of html code!

And I agree with helen, it's the synergy of goodwill and ability thats opens doors to something truly great,and that's exactly what we're trying to achieve in this small corner of a vast internet.

As I've said in this month's newsletter the next six months are going to be exciting times at T2W.. stay tuned!

Sharky. :p
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