site 4 saving charts?


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Anyone know of any free sites where u can store and save a number of charts with indicators and manually drawn trend, S/R lines. have almost got what i need, except i dont think you cant save trendlines on the saved charts.


hello temp.
I'm looking into this myself.
If you are with one of the popular ISp's such as 'breathe' or 'freeserve' then you automatically get 30Mb of web space you can use for free.
You can then copy one of the free charts from iii or ftmarketwatch into MS Paint where you can put your TA lines in.
Then upload it to your webspace.

Hope this helps,

Why do you have a need to store these charts on-line?

If it doesn't really matter where they are stored, but you wish to have them available to yourself, why not store them on your own computer.

I have been doing this for a few months now and find it works really well. Set up a seperate directory, right click on the chart and save as a GIF file. (DONT use BMP as this takes plenty of space). Now you can manipulate the chart as bansir has suggested and save your changes.

MS Paint is OK if you don't mind fiddling with the charts 'manually'. Sierra charts are better, for many reasons, but is only available for a free 30 day period.

I use advfn and for charting and the above method to save/manipulate.

Good luck
Thanks for the suggestions Bansire and Nastyitch. Im not the most computer literate person in the world although will give it a bash if nothing else seems to work. Options, its funny that u mentioned as i actually registered to them late last night after reading a post from helenq, although everytime i try to log in with my registered name and password, i am greeted with an 'error' screen. Not sure if there having temporary problems with the site or if im being an idiot. Hopefully i'll be able to get it to work again soon because it seemed to be the kinda thing i was after.

All working okay from this end Temp. It's just downloaded a new version. Took about ten minutes though.

Suggest registering on home page again, (different name and pass,)

When it all comes up, click on green logo, top left to expand chart.