Trouble saving line studies in charts in MT4


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I've tried searching for an answer to this and have found similar problems but no real solution - hope I can get an answer here.

I've just opened a demo account with Alpari, and have downloaded MT4. Since familiarising myself with the software this afternoon, I have found it strange that when I add S/R and trend lines and then close the chart, on opening the chart again, all my lines are gone.

The only solution to this problem seem to be around saving templates/profiles, which doesn't really solve the problem, as saving a chart as a template seems to then apply my S/R lines to ALL charts.

Surely something as simple as the charts keeping your S/R lines is not beyond MT4 - it seems to be the go-to for so many traders. I must be missing something really simple here - at least I hope I am!

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

NB - I am running MT4 within Wine on a Linux platform - could this be the problem?

NB2 - If I put a line on a chart, then close MT4, when I reopen, my line is visible for a few seconds before disappearing, suggesting that maybe there is a reset going on once contact with the server is made? For information, I have TOOLS > OPTIONS > Server > Keep personal settings and data at startup TICKED.

NB3 - I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software once.

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Closed/Deleted charts can be saved for future use.

From the top menu bar: Tools>Options>Charts - then make sure "Save Deleted Charts to reopen" is checked.

To open the saved chart: File>Open Deleted - and select your chart from the list. Now every time you close a chart it is automatically saved.

The list will grow to an unweildy size if you don't periodically remove charts you no longer use.



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Ok guys, cheers for the help :)

I've been messing about with it for a few more hours and have found I can save my line studies by setting up different profiles - eg I have a USD profile with all my USD pairs and their associated S/R lines, a GBP profile, a EUR profile, etc. The S/R and trendlines are now stored within the profile.

Still find it a bit awkward, but sure I'll get used to it :) I've been used to the IG Index platform, which saves all your lines on each chart nice n' handy like.

Thanks for the links counter_violent, and for your suggestions Peter - they have both helped me to find the solution I've rested on.
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