Eurostoxx 50 futures


Hello all, I have been trading the US indices and want to switch to daytrading Eurostoxx 50 futures as I have time available during the mornings. Have chosen Eurostoxx cos best european liquidity(that's true isnt it?).I use IB together with Button Trader for 10 and 20+ tick targets. Method based on both CCI and stochastic divergences, hidden especially. A few questions:
What other indices (in order to get confimation/correlation) should I be watching.. if any...I guess the Dax is the obvious one; does it lead, lag or neither. Any other indexes??
Is there a good website for News announcements etc. Essentially I am looking for times/days NOT to trade. Prefer to avoid volatility spikes.
Any general tips/observations about how it trades and its peculiarities/dangers.
Charting...have used TS but no 'range bars' which i kinda like. Esig doesnt seem to be what it used to (but then what is?). Is CQG worth the lots of extra money? Anything else out there worth looking at?
Any comments at all would be appreciated
TIA Zeddy
You just need to look at all the european indices, FTSE, CAC, DAX, ESTOXX.

Know the weight of major stocks and sectors in each of them.

Estoxx50 has + 1 million contracts.

DAX can be moving alot with out estoxx moving. Leading wouldnt say so, just beeing naughty.

CQG is great for reliable charting. Worth every penny if you are making some serious money.

Then if you are thinking about speed, you should be looking at a better software platform than what IB offers, something like X-Trader.

I belive you should not be spending more on cost each month than a single days average profit.

So unless you are making atleast 350-400 per day CQG might sound exspensive at £300 +vat basic

Good luck with your trading

thanks for your input....much appreciated. I love the concept of an index being 'naughty'....nice
Recently started to look at it. Looks like a good, scaleable, super liquid market. Has some very good ranges too. Seems to trade well technically. What kind of strategies are people using? I am using simple breaks of support to sell and resistance to buy. In and out for a few ticks.
..........In and out for a few ticks.

One of the strats. i used for (quick) scalping:

- 100(x) ticks chart
- Linear regression ine (on price) (period 100)
- price above lin reg. > long (stoploss under lin-reg line)
- price under linr reg. > short (stoploss above lin-reg line)

I take profit @ 3/4/5 ticks.

If you buy/sell enough contracts it works (for me...;) When i reached my 'daily-profit-target' i stopped scalping)

You have to be real quick (use bracket orders:?:)
In a non-trending market you (can) get alot of whipsaws!

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Something that may help in the above strat by k-b. Set up a 14period cci but on a fast timeframe (eg1 min) or if u prefer rangebars...use a 2 bar setting. Dont enter (long) unless the cci line is pointing up (the straighter the better) and more importantly if youve entered and the cci line turns downward...get out . Ive found it useful in reducing the drawdowns....its better than waiting for your stop to be hit. Hope it helps folks :)
Free Platform For Eurostoxx 50 Technical Analysis

HY, could someone help me to find a free platform for technical analysis in the Eurostoxx 50 futures?
thank you very much
Can anyone tell me what is the average number of lots/price in the eurostoxx 50 future contract nowadays?
today...100 was average per price. Don't be surprised to see <99 though for the next ten bid/offers at any time
i 'd like to trade on Euro stoxx futures on day trading basis.
where could i find the less expensive platform with a good technical analysis tools.
An d how much i need to start daily trading on futures Euro Stoxx 50.