scalping in europe Eurostoxx, mini-sp 500, ftse 100


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Hi guys i am from Spain, recently trading stocks in the us market now a i want to move to futures. I have tested in simulated trading the mini sp 500 but the volatility spikes are huge, and also it is kind of a drag the time difference with the US.
-Do you consider eurostoxx 50 or ftse 100 to be a better future to trade.
-Which is the one you like the most ? Is it the mini sp, mini-dow, eurostoxx, ?
-From experience which one has been the easiest in terms of volatility in 3 min charts?

I have tried mini-sp 500, eurostoxx, ftse 100. For me the eurostoxx was kind of easier than mini sp 500, slower movements, following mini-sp. More tidy and organized.

Let me know guys, thanks
-Which is the one you like the most ? Is it the mini sp, mini-dow, eurostoxx, ?
I have only traded mini S&P and mini Dow. Mini Dow doesn't have much liquidity. The price moves skip points. Mini S&P on the otherhand has much higher liquidity. But they move only in a .25 point. The advantage is if you want to get out, the slippage is not too much. 1 SP point is roughly about 10 Dow points. I prefer SP over Dow for liquidity reasons. But if you want finer subdivision (e.g. to scale in), Dow might be better. They pretty much move in tandem with each other.
Dont know how many ticks you are scalping for, but the issue I have found scalping the FTSE is that the spread does sometimes push out to 2-3 ticks, so if you are only working for 2/3 then you are looking for a 5 tick move to hit target.

Tight speads on the Eurostoxx and very predictable , though usually doesnt have the volatility.

Take a look at the Euro/$ ( 6E ) tight spreads, good trading hours, lots of movement and pretty straight forward to trade.

DAX Futures is a wild big contract, i will not advice it to a beginner.

For quick scalp with small profit target, you should try the EUROSTOXX or as mention above the EC. I have found the EC easier to scalp than the spot EURUSD.
just bear in mind that you will need a bigger account, 1 point= $12.5 instead of $10.

Good luck,
What size stops, targets, win rate%, reward/risk ratio, and % of account to risk per trade is good for scalping 6E? How about daily max loss and profit limits?
I prefer scalping the DAX and the euro-FX !!
Do scalp as me ? Or do you have other technics.