Ethically okay?


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Honestly it was all about the damn black box!

I thought it was about conning people out of their money using a blackbox that doesn't work ? If it worked, you could just use it to withdraw cash from the market ATM instead of going through the work and hassle of writing a book (or equivalent) about it.

Like in the movies, when the baddie uses the most elaborate ways to accomplish a very simple task, it could be foretold their special technique (aka their blackbox) doesn't work.


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I thought it was about conning people out of their money using a blackbox that doesn't work ?

no. I dont see that written anywhere. The black box does work. It calculates fib extensions. The trading of 123 pattern absolutely works - guaranteed if you get the right one. Some trader will make money from it some wont...but that was not my concern or focus. I was interested in the one undisputable fact.... -

....The black box disguising something pretty simple and readily available for free, as something that was worth a premium monthly subscription so as too keep the customer using the service.

To my interest this seemed (to me) to take a back seat in the discussion to the general essence of the whole system/training - the quality of which has not been described. But I do understand that and it makes sense to me now.

You see for my purpose I wanted to differentiate between the subjective quality of the course/system in general to the very objective fact that the black box was undeniably "snake oil" and only being used as a convincer. This is what SHOUTED out to me but it seems not so loudly to others. ...and now I have greater insight to my overall backstory and reason for posting.

I really appreciate it thank you (all).


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I beg to differ. A bad mentor or a bad course that seems good can be devastating.

I have a friend who had a year and a half of so called mentoring and most things seemed above board - small losses, medium gains, until the market did something the mentor didnt friend read it well and suggested closing the trade but the mentor didnt want to 'lose face' and persuaded him to stay in. -10K later it was all just a bad day at the office!

I believe the mentor quit teaching but is currently running a hedge fund with middle eastern money! This is true!

I tried to make the context clear in the thread - the would-be traders who buy poor value training / systems / signals and then can't use them to make a profit to win back what they have paid out would not have made a profit anyway. If they can't work their way through this first obstacle course then I say they're either lazy or stupid - too lazy or stupid to succeed as traders anyway. They're certainly not innocent intelligent hard-working would-be winners whose trading careers have been mercilessly ripped apart by greedy criminals in suits.


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One objective fact is you are unwilling to put money on the blackbox signals and make money for yourself. This is the clearest sign of it not working.

It's rather easy to prove if it works. Just call out some signals and I will put some money on it. If I make money on it then it works, otherwise it doesn't. But I have to warn you that anything I put money on, it will immediately go against me. So be sure you only call out the best signals. Otherwise you and I are going get laughed at. I am used to it. But not everyone can handle it.
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