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I must have got this wrong, so if anyone can explain the following to me, I'd be grateful

It seems to me that if I want to add fx prices to my esignal plan, then it's going to cost me another $50 a month.

But esignal promote Tahoe Charts for Forex that would cost me $39 a month with no extra datafeed or exchange charges.

This can't be right, surely. And just to make it worse, the Tahoe site says you can't run their forex package on the same machine as esignal !

Can someone explain this seemingly anomalous situation to me ?

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one is web based the other isnt

Your gona get stung for $50 for forex with the esignal package

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TahoeCharts with FX

At eSignal we have many different products, with different features sets, with different price points.

Many FX brokers were asking us for an easy to use, advanced charting package for FX only at this price point, so TahoeCharts for FX was built for them. In the near future, we'be releasing integrated trading with TahoeCharts with these FX brokerages.

We also have Quotrek and MarketCenter that support Forex.



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Thanks NB.

Chuck : Thanks for the reply. But how can esignal justify charging $50/month for the forex feed when you have these other cheaper offerings?. Especially since I can't use Tahoe on the same machone as esignal.

It sounds like your pricing policy needs some reorganization.
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ivorm, Hi
There are some less expensive providers of FX, I have never used them but have heard that for newer traders Tradexglobal in Australia are good value at around $60 per month, there's also the Russians whos name I forget but you will find them listed amongst others as data providers to
I,also have also never quite understood why FOREX is as much $50 from esignal on top of their $104, but hopefully this will decline as the number of subscribers increases,. Perhaps a question even esignal will not yet be able to answer?
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