End of Day commodities prices


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Is there anywhere I can download these?
Nice if they were free as well - I can get the charts. but to have the actual OHLC would be useful to put into excel.

Thanks in advance



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That Brite futures site looks useful. Cheers


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The email notification seems pretty keen to tell me that oatman has posted a reply, I have now received 3 emails telling me.


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Not quite free, but Febo Dataform is what I've been using for years. http://home.earthlink.net/~dataform. $US 75 for 6 mo. Very easy to use ascii files that are emailed to me at the end of every trading day. Comes with a simple free charting program with a few basic indicators. It seems to be a one man operation. Hope this helps someone.

Are we all short gold today?


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EOD Futures Data

I use Pinnacle Data, US$12 per month for all the North American commodities. The advantage is that I can create back-adjusted or non-adjusted continuous files on the fly. This allows me to use long term indicators like 200-bar MAs. Downloading is a breeze. There is also a very useful table of info on rollover dates, and the number of calendar and trading days left before rollover. The drawback is that I can't check prices of the forward contract. I have to wait till the current contract expires before the continuous files splice in the new prices. This is a bit inconvenient. If I get trade signals near a rollover date, I have to look elsewhere for info on the next contract in order to enter my trades.


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MyTrack with SierraChart lets you create Continuous contracts using the timing criteria you want.

i.e On Expiry, 5 days before expiry etc.



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Is there somewhere that historical commodity data is freely available? I only need 2003 and 2002. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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