Data from charts


I have just read the " create your own 1 minute chart " thread, and it didn't end up with what I expected.

I would like to know if it is possible to locate the data behind the charts, ie the OHLC numbers that charts are calculated from. I download EOD data from various sources FOC, but have not found anywhere that intraday data can be downloaded.

Any help appreciated

nevertheless, hope you got the chart you expected.

intraday data on the web is like good beef, very rare.
and I dont know where you can get it without subscription.
It used to be available at for U.S Indices and stocks but I think that has also been made suscription only. You might get it on their free subscription service but only for a limited period.
<a href="">Free Period </a>

but if its important to you, go on treat yourself to a subscription.
You you want to ?
E-mini 5min intraday data can be downloaded in .CSV format from

If you want FTSE intraday 1 min data and are prepared to leave an application running on your PC during market hours, then I have an app that extracts live mid price for FTSE and FTSE Futures and saves to csv file.
Also has a basic realtime graph function for FTSE only.
Let me know if you want a copy.
Its homemade but may give you what you need.
Hi X-ray,

I'll try that web site for the 5 min data, sounds just like what I'm looking for.

I'll pass on the FTSE intraday, EOD is fine for me on the indices


Hi X-ray Specs
Would be interested in your application, for a friend who is trying to get 1 min FTSE data for an Elliot program.
How do I get it ?

Dear Jim (For X-Ray)

Please can you fix it for me........would like a copy of your app. for FTSE (cash + Future)

Thank you

XS (aged 9?):)