FOREX historical Intraday prices


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FOREX Intraday prices

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to where I can find intraday prices for the major currencies Yen/$/£/Eur etc.. Ideally in Excel format so I can download them.

Ideally Im looking for 10 min intervals, but less would be okay.

Alternatively, if anyone has any I would be interested. Basically I backtesting a system and need this data for it. (I will post the system if it proves any good)


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Thanks very much ilia King (and thanks to the person who originally posted it) just what I was looking for.

Now I will be able to properly backtest my forex system :) If it proves successful I might even share it :D


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Excellent link.

As far as I can tell the times seem to be Moscow time (ie GMT/BST+3) but I'd be grateful if someone could confirm this.

I'm doing some work on JonnyT's spot on forex system, so the times are important.

BTW JohnnyT I went live with your system last week - 5 wins out of 5 so far - I owe you a beer!!!


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FOREX intraday data on CD?

Thanks for the link Ilia, I downloaded one day of 1 minute data and it was about 80 kb. I'd like a years worth of that on a CD(about 28MB). Do you have a source you like to patronize when you are purchasing this kind of data?


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I've downloaded some files but all the time I have problems with unzipping them. "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be valid archive" - such message appears...
Do you recognized similar problems?


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I have downloaded some daily EUR/USD data from and intend to use it in ts2000i. With daily data in ASCii format, it should be possible to import directly into ts2000i. Has anyone done the same?

If so, would you be able to explain how you configured the data settings etc. - to enable the import into ts2000i?

Many thanks



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I've now discovered how to convert ascii files into xpo/globalserver format for ts2000i - using hypertools for xpo and have then managed to get '1 years' worth of 'hourly' data from into a chart. However, there seems to be huge holes in this dta. With perhaps 1-2 days worth of data displayed on my chart. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone else using this data source?

Good free historical data does sound too good to be true :cry: .


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I've played about with different time intervals of data/charts - 5 & 60 minutes, and daily. I downloaded 2 years of daily data for EUR/USD - whch goes back to August 2002. However, i only see about 6 days per calendar months data on the chart.


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