Embracing the Change


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Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

I heard we did good yesterday & am about to check the results.

I took the day off of day trading but that's ok.

Our long term trades are what this thread is all about.

I am interested in 2 new stocks...

Jinko Solar
Lithium America

Found them producing some nice solid results on the top movers platform.

Plan 2 add both of them for trading on Monday.

Its dinner time here.

Ready 2 eat & then post up Friday's results.

Nice to have football back on.

I think fall is my favorite season.

With Turkey day my favorite holiday.

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Family & Good Football...what a day!

My congrats to Jim Harbaugh & Michigan Football. They started off this season looking really solid. Love the power run game & solid defense.

Go Michigan!

Sorry to ramble.

Time to eat & then post up Friday's results!


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We had Sheppard pie for supper here.

Ok... on to the results...fingers crossed for a great Success!

Day 6 = A Solid Day

Embracing the Change thread
Total -2.44%

Big Gainers
+9.66% - SPWR
+8.37% - MRK
+4.04% - DIS
+3.60% - MA
+3.59% - ENPH
+3.46% - V
+2.60% - SEDG
+2.57% - CMA
+2.55% - MSFT
+2.40% - GOOG
+2.36% - DLTR
+2.21% - CLNE
+2.10% - JPM
+1.90% - SHW
+1.57% - REGI
+1.48% - BAC
+1.47% - ATVI
+1.26% - NKE
+1.25% - RUN
+1.16% - FSLR
+1.10% - ORA
+1.09% - INTC

Ok that's it for the big Gainers.

Not all that bad.

Pretty decent actually.

I'll try & post up a gratitude list.

Grateful for
Michigan Football - Birthday Golf outing this year - Good Food - Good friends - Good Times

Thanks for reading.

Posting my thoughts is really therapeutic & great coping skill for me.

That's about it for me.

Everyone have a nice weekend & enjoy the great weather.

Loving Life & Embracing Positive Change!

What a way to live!

Take Good Care


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Good Morning Fellas.

I was reading up a little about climate change.

I found this to be an important note in the reading.

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly.

There is alarming evidence that important tipping points, leading to irreversible changes in major ecosystems and the planetary climate system, may already have been reached or passed. Ecosystems as diverse as the Amazon rainforest and the Arctic tundra, may be approaching thresholds of dramatic change through warming and drying. Mountain glaciers are in alarming retreat and the downstream effects of reduced water supply in the driest months will have repercussions that transcend generations.

For more info please link to

IMO we still have the ability to correct our climate before it's too late. However, the longer we wait to address the issue the harder it becomes to correct.

At least we have ways to live comfortably now in a zero emissions lifestyle. Solar power, wind power & battery technology has evolved & we really are fortunate to be able to live a comfortable life without pumping carbon into our earth's atmosphere.

Electric vehicles will also aid our planet reducing carbon emissions greatly. Coal & oil consumption should begin to dissipate now with renewable energy & electric vehicles becoming more available. Which is a good thing. We are currently dependent on both at the moment & not only are they harmful to our planet but they are a costly addiction in which we can free ourselves from.

To me it's like 1 awesome adventure or voyage to regain our freedom & independence. It doesn't have to be all doom & gloom. Ideally we would like to act on climate change with the quickness. I believe big change takes time though.

At least people recognize that we need to act & act fast to protect our planet. We have people aware of the problem. Highly intelligent people are developing sensible solutions to help Aid our planet. We are working towards a sustainable future here on planet earth.

As far as our economy goes, Big Change creates Big Opportunities for growth. The transfer of wealth will be enormous. We have already begun to see what is in store for our clean energy investors. Transitioning to renewable energy for our power will create a tremendous amount of financial gain. As we say goodbye to coal & oil we will say hello to good, clean & sustainable energy.

A bright, clean & sustainable life is how I forsee our future here on earth.

Lets Embrace the Change

It's really for everyone's best interest.

Anyways, just my opinions.

Green Energy = Green Graphs

Everyone take care.


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Good Morning!

Day 7 = Terrible Day

Embracing the Change Thread
Total -4.62%

Big Gainers
+2.26% - XEL
+2.09% - MRK
+2.06% - ORA
+1.60% - GM
+1.44% - AZN
+1.34% - F
+1.25% - KR
+1.20% - DTE
+1.10% - REGI
+0.81% - TSLA

Bad day for renewables.

Automakers posted some gains.

Hope to rebound some today.

I couldn't find my rhythm yesterday day trading.

My internet went down early in the Morning & I got out to a slow start.

Today is a new day thank Goodness!

We need the green graphs to visit us once more.

Take Care Guys.

Good Luck on that Bull


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Good Morning Folks!

Day 8 = A Good Day

Embracing the Change Thread
Total -3.79%

Big Gainers
+5.21% - NFLX
+3.64% - NVDA
+3.01% - REGI
+3.00% - JKS
+2.63% - CWEN
+2.19% - EBAY
+2.12% - SHW
+2.03% - BAC
+2.00% - MSFT
+1.92% - MRNA
+1.80% - GOOG
+1.70% - STLA
+1.64% - ENPH
+1.63% - JPM
+1.58% - NKE
+1.47% - ADBE
+1.42% - AAPL
+1.39% - COST
+1.35% - CMA
+1.34% - SEDG
+1.26% - CREG
+1.20% - ALL
+0.98% - AMZN
+0.92% - HD
+0.91% - LAC
+0.90% - INTC

15 minutes until go time!

Hope we are visited by the green graphs today

I'm planning on doing some day trading.

Hope to catch me a big gainer & go for a ride

Good Luck Everyone

Have a good day


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Good Morning Fellas!

Day 8 = A Tiny Gain

ETC Thread
Total -3.64%

Big Gainers
+5.11% - SPWR
+4.19% - ENPH
+2.24% - EBAY
+2.05% - JKS
+1.63% - CWEN
+1.63% - XEL
+1.60% - MA
+1.51% - MSFT
+1.31% - DTE
+1.27% - AMZN
+1.22% - NVDA
+0.99% - V
+0.94% - PLUG

Hope the market stabilizes some.

Seems like we could be doing better even tho we are only down a couple percent.

Day trading makes me nauseous!

I used to trade on the days all day everyday.

I'm not sure I've got the stomach for it now, but I'm not going to be a quitter.

Stay the course I suppose... buy low, sell high.

That's it for me.

Good Luck Everyone!

Take Care


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Hey Guys.

Day 9 = A Great Success

Embracing The Change Thread
Total -1.55%

Big Gainers
+7.60% - RUN
+6.88% - CLNE
+6.06% - PLUG
+5.45% - F
+4.95% - LAC
+4.65% - GM
+4.33% - REGI
+3.75% - BLDP
+3.69% - SPWR
+3.68% - EBAY
+3.04% - CREG
+2.80% - STLA
+2.46% - FSLR
+2.38% - ENPH
+2.29% - MRNA
+2.05% - NKE
+1.94% - JKS
+1.91% - LOW
+1.81% - NVDA
+1.78% - V
+1.71% - PFE
+1.59% - MRK
+1.52% - ADBE
+1.50% - MA
+1.42% - CWEN
+1.39% - TSLA
+1.33% - GOOG
+1.27% - DIS
+1.24% - AMZN
+1.22% - SEDG
+1.20% - DLTR
+1.18% - WMT
+1.16% - ORA

Very Nice Indeed!

Thursday brought us some pleasant results.

Glad we were able to progress & have a great day.

Everyone have a great weekend.
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Results from Friday

Day 10
+0.15% = Small Up

ETC Thread
Total -1.40%

Big Gainers
+4.22% - PLUG
+3.77% - GM
+3.65% - CREG
+3.34% - CLNE
+1.54% - F
+1.19% - EBAY
+1.18% - FSLR
+1.15% - STLA
+1.13% - JKS

Well we had a green day which is good.

A couple stocks made it up into our big gainers.

Automakers performed well along with a few renewables.

Cheers to our renewable energy backers & to our auto industry supporters.

On another note

I believe Michigan plays Nebraska tonight.

Going for a 6 & 0 start.

Should be a fun game to watch under the lights!

Well that's it for me.

Everyone have a nice weekend.

Take Care


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Welcome Back to the ETC thread

Feels like a good day to trade!

Let me check the Figures for Monday.

Day 11 = A Good Gain

Embracing The Change thread
Total -0.74%

Big Gainers
+9.10% - SPWR
+5.99% - JKS
+5.71% - SEDG
+4.66% - LAC
+4.47% - ENPH
+4.26% - RUN
+3.67% - FSLR
+3.56% - CWEN
+2.85% - CREG
+1.69% - PLUG
+1.51% - REGI
+1.30% - LOW
+1.27% - BEP

Much love for our green energy stocks.

After a slow start, we are right on the cusp of breaking into the green numbers for our thread.

Let's keep supporting our renewable energy groups.

We have a family golf outing on this Thursday. I'm excited to get back on the golf course & maybe land a birdie or two. We are playing a small par 3 track so we should be in for a fun time.

Anyways, everyone have a good day on the bull. If you are day trading good luck to you. I may try to play some trades this Morning. Wish me luck!

Take Care


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Good Wednesday Morning!

Time to check the results from Tuesday.

Day 12 = Great Success!

Embracing the Change thread
Total +1.16%

Woohoo! We are in the green again!

Big Gainers
+12.43% - LAC
+8.58% - BLDP
+8.50% - RUN
+7.80% - SEDG
+7.70% - PLUG
+5.32% - ENPH
+5.01% - SPWR
+3.98% - BEP
+3.64% - F
+3.27% - JKS
+3.10% - CLNE
+2.91% - FSLR
+2.04% - NKE
+1.98% - MRNA
+1.74% - TSLA
+1.50% - GM
+1.33% - ADBE
+1.24% - SHW
+0.98% - CREG
+0.88% - STLA

Go, Go, Go....Green Graphs for Green Stocks!

Look at our new selection LAC lithium America Corp coming in with a huge day! 12.43%

What a great day to trade on renewables. Automakers had a decent day as well.

Win + Win for the world when renewables go up.

They should be going up for a long time to come as well. What an exciting time to trade on renewables!

I was reading about climate change & how they may start taxing Companies in the future for carbon emissions by the ton. In order to cut back on emissions they find that fines may help promote a green planet. Offering incentives for green Companies & fines for filthy ones could only help get to where president Biden would like to be in 2030.

We are all doing the planet some good when you invest in clean energy. What great news for us. People are excited about the change & investing in a sustainable future all while returning a nice size investment. Maybe we could do some great things to help others with our returns.

Proud to be alive today. We have so far to go, but we are slowly starting to make a difference & change for the better.

Great Job!

Imagine where some of these green stocks will be in the future! We are only getting started & already we have some incredible results. Very happy for us & our progress.

Take Good Care


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Good Thursday Morning 2 you!

About to check the results from Wednesday.

I was on Lithium America when they dipped down to -3% early yesterday morning only to fight back & come back into the positive by 10 am.

Ok... here goes... hope for a green day.

Day 13 = Great Success my friends!!

Amazing day on the market.

That's the way we like it!

Embracing the Change thread
Total +3.17%

Very nice Indeed!

Big Gainers
+12.79% - PLUG
+7.90% - BLDP
+6.02% - ORA
+5.73% - LAC
+3.33% - MRNA
+2.77% - SPWR
+2.21% - XEL
+1.99% - BEP
+1.98% - ENPH
+1.92% - NKE
+1.90% - CLNE
+1.80% - ADBE
+1.78% - SEDG
+1.72% - JKS
+1.57% - RUN
+1.30% - NVDA
+1.17% - MSFT
+1.14% - AMZN
+1.11% - LOW
+1.08% - STLA
+1.04% - DTE
+0.96% - JNJ
+0.90% - REGI
+0.87% - GOOG

Green Energy is an Awesome Investment towards our future!

Look at PLUG power.

Back at those double digit Gains again!

+12.79% Woohoo!

Deee eee eeecent!

Today is my Birthday as well.

Celebrating a very happy 42nd bday today.

We are scheduled to golf at 3:30 this afternoon.

Hope the rain stays away.

Bring out the sun & hold back the clouds.

My mom is fixing a very nice bday dinner tonight for our family.

Should be an awesome event & amazing day here on planet earth.

I'm up early & very excited to spend all day with family.

I haven't been golfing in over 3 years.

Very sad cuz I love to golf, but hey at least I get to golf today.

That's about it for me.

Go, Go, Go, Green & Clean Energy!

You guys take care.

Wish me luck on the course.

Good luck on that bull!

See ya


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42nd Birthday Today...Should be Amazing!
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