Dow Intraday charts 15 Dec - 19 Dec

Car Key Boi said:

word is, that the national threat warning level will not be raised from yellow to orange...

not unless more specific intel comes in over the weekend

hmmm... warning level was just raised to orange, nyc area only...
hmmm... just got word that the football was interupted with an announcment that the whole of the US has been put on orange. Tom Ridge just announced they have intel that something to rival 9-11 is coming our way...

hmmm....nothing like warning a nation of half drunk, full of testosterone football fans to combat the threat of terrorism

i can see those NFL tards running down the street in Jets jerseys screaming "Kill Habib that 7-11 terrorist!!"

seriously thou, yuo guys better take care with yuor trades just in case there's some substance to these threats
hi cm, just thinking about the 'why exit at 10232 at about 19:15'. Looking back at the es it made a double bottom at 1082,25. I am not sure CM whether this would constitute as a reversal?

I am not totally clued up with vol divergence used as a reversal, but at the same time the selling vol on es fell 3 1min bars in a row, followed by a fourth bar buying bar greater than the previous sell vol bar! Hope that makes sense