Don't get FOOLED.....


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Just a little reminder to be on your guard.......... I just received an email with an attachment in my junk Hotmail account which supposedly came from the System Administrator at BT Billing telling me that my email was undelivered. I run Mailwasher Pro 4.0 which had already tagged it as a virus :cool:



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There's a networm 32 virus doing the rounds working off address books..have not had any today ,but been bombarded earlier in the anti virus software has been going off like an air raid klaxon..


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1,608 102 e mails apart from a mail that guaranteed that women will scream in bed...!!!!.......!!!

was almost tempted...!!!..but decided to lead life as it is..!!!

Salty Gibbon

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In the past week or 2 I have noticed an increasing number of dodgy emails with dodgy attachments arriving in my inbox.

Even though I just delete them all it is becoming very irritating. Who the hell sends these things ? Are they machine generated or do people physically send them ?


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Big relief to hear that i'm not the only person recieving these infected emails (esp in my yahoo account) ..........thot someone was just being malicious towards me.


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I don't seem to get as many as the rest of you here. You all must be very popular and your names appear in more address books.


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Anyone know what this file is, it is trying to access the internet from my machine. My virus checker says I dont have a virus.

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