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During my first week with T2W - before I started my own thread - I commented on the other so called live thread and was politely told to basically go away

Its important to treat other members how you would like to be treated - and I always like to be treated with courtesy and respect.

If you were an existing member PSM - prior to you new nic - you might have been one of the members trying to discourage me from staying with the site

Nobody like bullies whether they are physical or just verbal - but its important you stick up for yourself - but I have always tried to remain polite in any discussion I engage in

I am big enough to apologise for any of my comments that might have been below the belt

I much prefer reasonable debate rather than just "mud slinging" which of course I will revert to when pushed

If you only joined in February and my thread was cleaned up prior to you joining - how is it you know so much about what went on in November ?

I would very much prefer all haters / dissers and spammers to completely ignore my thread and i would agree with you there

The way you will not interact with me or even support your view give away more clues as well

Finally - Trader 333 - please do not think i am even thinking of telling you how to do your job- as I am sure it is far from easy - especially with the size of this site and the number of new members you have joining weekly

i will say no more on this issue at all because if PSM has said he has not been a member before and is completely new to the site - then without actual hard conclusive evidence to the contrary - he must be believed


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