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Viro Major

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Dedicated to talk about the new white label partnership since we’re out of the beta phase and they announced that the offer (range of assets) would be complete by the end of the quarter.

Facts :
- Darwins are not yet implemented but track records built will be taken into account
- commissions are marked-up ...which this time, is not very “Pivot” friendly in the spirit... it doesn’t compensate the drag in perf fees but instead adds up
- TWS software and APIs are at disposal

What else ? Speak out if you join the programme
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What stuck with me is that the greatest benefit will be adding many good traders. I think they also realised that there is to few good traders on Darwinex and they give up and took the short route. I see a lot of sense in this decision, but I wish they were frank and expleined theirs position.
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Exact, where is the advantage for existing traders and investors?
If I needed the trading platform and assets of IBKR I could subscribe IBKR.
I subscribed Darwinex because I liked the conditions of Darwinex.
Conditions that now are worse after Pivot.
The big winner of Pivot is Darwinex.
The big winner of this integration is Darwinex.
By brokers for brokers ?

Viro Major

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Can’t argue against. That’s commonly the pitfall about indirectly dealing through an intermediary instead of a solution kept in-house
Still, let’s wait which wave of AuMs and talents it drags. It may add some fun to the equation
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Viro Major

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Extra info regarding stage 1, only available base currency = USD (around Q1, EUR & GBP would be supported), min deposit = 10k € (supposedly lowered later)


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There is also min brokerage per order for stocks so if someone trading 1 or 2 qty per order of any stock then it is better to use current offering of Stocks CFD by darwinex. Interactive broker is useful only in case of if someone trade atleast 20-25 qty per order.


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At first sight I was very happy with this integration because I thought finally I could enter into the futures trading world. Along the years I've tried lots of things and methods, even crazy ideas, but always on CFD's and specifically on Forex. It's much safer trading with futures because of uniqueness of the historical data. Besides, I think indexes, bonds, commodities have more predictible behavior than forex (only a feeling of mine).

However I see that won't be possible to trade on IB with Metatrader, not even through Darwinex account. So I'm back to square one. Not direct/immediate advantages with this movement to me


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I think that if a person wanted to invest stocks ETFs is already doing that with proper banks or brokers, without waiting IBKR integration.
For example I am using eToro cause I am lazy and i tend to minimize registrations.
I was already there for my copytrading experience before Darwinex and algo.
I have etoro for investment and Darwinex for trading systems on forex
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IMO they are (only) looking for new traders to create new Darwins:


I wonder whether they want to merge thier broker Tradeslide on IBKR in the future because I don't see any benefit for it anymore.
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Hi @Rams , welcome to our new forum!

Their "integration" is pretty useless for existing customers.
Now Darwinex is working like an introducing broker for IB.
So to have platforms and assets you have to open another account on IB using a link provided by Darwinex.
If someone needed assets or platforms of IB he could register to IB also before this integration.
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