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Which is the best darwin: WFJ or TRO ?

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Viro Major

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@TradeSignalMachine creates my favourite Darwinex content. No matter if he’s an algorithmic trader, to some extent I‘m able to relate and validate the experience. Quality stuff


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Disaster as usual-straight line up ,followed by straight line down.Overoptimized algo-strategies.I have dodged quite a few of them thanks to a bit of skepticism and common sense.But flagship strategy of the same trader is going strong :WFJ.


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WFJ is solid because the trackrecord is very long.
It is 6 years vs 1 year.
Unfortunatelly if you develop something robust it doesn't mean that everything you produce will be robust.

I would not call this a disaster but the first part of PII was blatantly lucky.
Investing short and lucky trackrecords is a rookie mistake.
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I am undecided between 2 darwins provided by TradeSignalMachine.
So I just created a poll.
Which is the best (most investable) darwin? WFJ or TRO ?
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I owned WFJ during my investing journey last year and made some bucks with it:

I never owned TRO, but from the data I would prefer TRO as I voted. Sometimes it's making good money fast like end of March, but it also has weeks where you better sell in the beginning (5.1.2020, 16.8.2020 and 17.1.2021) and buy it back next week. On the 2y-chart you see that pretty good.

More votes or comments would be nice. ;)
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I would like more votes on the poll, both darwins are very interesting.
We are speaking about one of the best algo traders on Darwinex , if not THE best.
TRO has higher DScore but WFJ has longer trackrecord and more equity, which is the vote of the trader.
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