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[DARWIN] UTS by lgiamma


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Hi to everyone,
my name is Luigi and I have been in Darwinex since 2017. I want to show my most recent Darwin UTS which after a long tuning period took on it's final appearance from the beginning of 2022 with small further adjustments made in June. The system was born from a rib of my first Darwin LFS which is still active (almost 100).
UTS is a full automatic system and does not include grid or martingale; a mix of indicators give buy or sell signals. The order management is the heart of the system and make possible his low drawdown though the Darwin's LossAvversion indicator is the lowest value.
For any other information I am here .....
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Best setup begins from Jan 2022. This is the return (nothing fabulous but not bad).
2022-10-26 18 52 56.jpg
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This month all time around position 100 in Darwinia. This moorning position 130 .... at moment position 154.
When regularity is 100% and position is between 120/130 trading must be stopped.
Sorry all but all i think now is ... shit
Today UTS is in "On Fire" filter with Return 12,12% and DD 2,69%.
1 year return is actually 20,06%.
Certainly the last few months have been very lucky but I think the latest setup has given stability to the system and unless important and sudden movements in the market, the performance can remain good in the next
UTS has been awarded investment capital!

The latest edition of DarwinIA just came to an end, and your Darwin UTS has been awarded a capital allocation, beating thousands of competing DARWINs!

Return - +2.74%
Position - 121
Allocation - 30,000€
Set Position 66
Ott Position 156
Nov Position 122

Uts failed three consecutive months for October when .... read my post from October 31st..:mad:
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UTS today is back in the "On fire" filter Profit 12,49% DD 2,54%. Without July it would be eight consecutive months in profit. However July is at -0.04% . Let's say almost eight months in profit ...!!!
Below two images. The first is the "essentials" filter ordered by 6 months return. The second is the UTS performance over 6 months. It's in fourth place right after THA. Okay UTS is not an "essentials" ... but numbers are numbers ...!!..;)
2022-12-23 10 37 52.jpg
2022-12-23 10 40 23.jpg
Until the end of the year UTS will be blocked. Target achieved in Darwinia and with the low holiday liquidity it's better to avoid surprises.
2022 closes very well and this is the fourth allocation of the year and the second in a row.
Now UTS is at position 47 .... i hope I don't lose many positions with 2 days off.
2022-12-28 17 40 18.jpg
second month in the shade for UTS. He still earn half percentage point but nothing more. The only new, at moment, is that it's now included in the "good scores" filter. This is good news
It seems that something is going on. UTS should have passed the lateral moment. When the system is on the wrong side, it takes time to reverse the position (about 1 month). In February and March 2 out of 5 currency pairs were on the wrong side.
Let's hope so for April.
2023-04-09 11 52 40.jpg