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[DARWIN] QXS and QXR by JustNextLevel

Thank you CavaliereVerde.

Just a little bit of background about myself. I am a Mechanical Engineer and a member of the World Mensa organization. I have a thing for solving patterns and analyzing Charts and Trends. I have been trading stocks since 1995, and have been through the 3 big stockmarket "crashes".

I have spent the best part of 10 years developing an Indicator to predict the trend (Bull or Bear) of an asset through its price behavior. This indicator is extremely accurate when used over longer timeframes. You can read more about it here. In stocks, it is just about 100% accurate and it also gives the highest returns with higher volatility. I used it on my first few Stock Darwins with manual trading, but the risk manager on Darwinex completely slashed my returns on all the Darwins because I was holding stocks over longer timeframes and in high Volatility. Stock Darwin doesn't do well on Darwinex as most of you may know. The best ones only achieve about a third of the results of the best Forex Darwins, because of the exposure and Volatility mismatch by the Darwinex Risk manager.

It was not something that sat well with me, and Darwinex was not going to change this. I had to turn my focus to Forex Darwins, to give investors higher returns and I also needed to trade in shorter timeframes, which meant a lot more trading, and for that, I had to get a Trading Robot.

I have worked with 4 developers in creating the EA's for QXS and QXR Darwins. I have run about 6 weeks of backtesting and optimization just on Forex pairs before I implemented it over shorter timeframes. QXS has done 133 trades with the new Trading Robot with 90% profitable trades. I expect this to settle around the 87% mark as backtests have shown over 80000 trades. The stats on QXR looks different, as there were 160 trades that were done in 2 minutes when 2 EA's were both running at the same time. One was opening and the other was closing trades in short succession. Luckily it does not deter from the fact that the profitable trades are far greater than the losing trades.

Both strategies are close to the same, but with slightly different entry points and they cover different Forex pairs. Their parameters are different for the different types of pairs they monitor.

Over the past week, I have improved the parameters to yield a lower drawdown, so expect this to improve over the weeks to come.

I do monitor them constantly and will work on improving on the returns and reducing the drawdowns even further.
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Over the past 2 weeks, I have worked with developers to improve the EA (Trading Bot) on all Darwins, to only trade in instruments with lower volatility.

We now also have a set limit at which positions will be closed out, should they reach this level.

These 2 additions were done to reduce the "risk" as seen by Darwinex. This will lower our VaR Ratio and improve the return for Investors.

The set limit for volatility will act as an extra safety measure, besides our Stop Loss, to protect capital in the event of extreme market changes or events, when volatility spikes.

The backtesting has proven to be quite beneficial for all my Darwins and it will be fully implemented from tomorrow.