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Hey Everyone.

I've taken a week off of posting to try and clear my mind. I have made it through my confused & awful stage. I now feel well enough to post.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in this COVID-19 coverage & all the negativity.

In my own mind, Im attempting to create something positive out of this situation.

Focus on our health.

Be thankful for life.

Be grateful to be alive.

Connect with family & loved ones.

My little sister brought us all together on zoom. Family video chat was a really neat and awesome way to spend a day. Zoom is a free app you can download from Google play.

We are all struggling to percivere through this crisis. Search for the things you are most passionate about. Life. Health. Friends & Family.

Jobs may come & go. Stocks will rise & fall. Schools will always be there for education. You only have 1 life & 1 family. We could take this time to strengthen our family.

Almost everyone has been placed outside their comfort zone. Difficult times may offer challenges & challenges may offer opportunities for growth.

Instead of panic or obsess over things that are out of your control, focus on what you can control.

I made a gratitude list when I was feeling down & it helped me get back up again.

I am extremely thankful for my life, health, family, friends, stability & sobriety. Just to name a few.

I have faith in our society. In our community online & within each other. Maybe we will all grow from this. Maybe what you believe you can achieve. Be strong. Be stable.

We will make it through COVID-19. It may take some time & a lot of hard work. Eventually we will overcome the virus & maybe we become stronger as a society.

Everyone take care of yourselves.

Stay safe & be well.


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Hey guys.

I had a family video meeting on zoom today. It reminded me of a story I was told in a driver safety course in Tampa.

It was told by a lady who lost her husband in a drunk driving accident. He was a semi truck driver & sober, but lost his life in a terrible crash.

The story goes like this. They had a big argument the night before the crash. They didn't make up & he ended up sleeping on the couch. The next day he was hit & killed by a drunk driver.

It was a tragic story, but she made it a point to let everyone know not to go to sleep angry. To attempt to resolve whatever issue is the cause of anger. To address the issue & let your loved ones know you love them.

Life itself can be taken for granted at times. Sometimes we don't realize just how fortunate we are to be alive.

Maybe we are given this chance to connect with family & friends. To show our appreciation for life & to show our love for each other. Oftentimes we dont express our feelings as much as we could. Life is awesome but can seem cruel or unfair sometimes. Life is beautiful, but can be gone in an instant.

Maybe we can use this time at home for good. Strengthen our families & homes. Connect with each other and form a bond with your family & friends.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank all the heroes who are battling this virus on the front line. True heroes who are risking their lives while fighting to save & protect people.

A big Thank you to everyone in health care. Those who are working to protect & save people are true heroes in my opinion. Thank you to everyone who is helping people in their time of need. You are much appreciated.

Thanks for trade 2 win. For allowing me to express my thoughts feeling & emotions. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts.

There are many awesome people in the world, maybe this could be a chance to unite together.

My thoughts go out to everyone who is sick or has lost a friend or family member to this horrible virus. I am truly sorry, life can be unfair at times.

Everyone take good care of yourselves.

Stay Safe & Be Well.


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Hey Everyone.

Just wanted to take sometime to post on Easter Sunday. I had a chance to see my Mom & Dad today. My mother believes we are in some unsettling times. I agree with her. It's a real shame we are in a pandemic right now.

I believe with time we will overcome this terrible virus. For now everyone has to do their part to keep each other safe. I personally believe we can learn from this situation & better ourselves for tomorrow.

It's really easy to panic with all the media so focused on negativity. I am doing my best to stay calm & composed. Focus on what you can control. Staying home & following the direction of our governors will save people's lives.

Almost every individual has the ability to make a difference. Stay Home & Stay Safe. Unless you have an essential job or task to stay well, we can all do our part & stay home.

My thoughts go out to everyone battling to keep society safe. To everyone on the front line, you are much much appreciated. Thank you for supporting others in a time of crisis & for keeping society safe. I wish we were all immune to this virus or we could find a cure. Thank you to everyone working towards finding a cure.

I wish we could all get back to normal. For the time being, we can all do our best to protect one another. Listen to the advice from our government. It may not seem like much but staying home will help save lives.

We may be in some hard times, but we can all do our part in defeating this virus.

Stay Calm & Be Strong.

We will overcome this together.
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Hey Everyone.

Hope you guys are all safe & stable.

Where i stay, we all got tested for the virus today. They used a nose swab for the test. It was completely painless & over in about 2 minutes. I was really impressed with the simplicity of the test & the duration of time it took. It is very easy to get tested.

That's about it for me. I'm trying not to obsess over the news. I have not checked the market in weeks. I have been focused on doing my best to stay safe & stable. Playing cards & chess online with my family & friends. I overheard some talk about investing in gold. My first priority is my life. Safety & Stability. Staying both safe & sane. My second priority would be my family. Followed by my friends & fellow residents.

I have never been through anything like this before, so it's really hard to give any advice. I would say for anyone who has been contemplating getting tested that it is extremely easy & painless procedure.

I really miss posting the great success posts. I believe with time things will get back to normal. Our health & wellbeing is much more important then any investment. I'm going to keep listening to the advice from our governor, stay home & stay safe.

Take good care of yourselves.


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Hey Everyone.

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. Both my sister's gave birth in April & I am now an Uncle for 4. My sisters & brothers are all doing very well & I am extremely thankful for our 2 new healthy babies. I couldn't be happier for them, they make me very proud to be an Uncle Ashton.

So Happy Mother's Day

To all the awesome mothers out there, you are much appreciated!


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I hope I am not breaking you posting chains. I just want to say that I love reading your story and I truly wish you all the best in everything.


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Hey sunny day.

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I really appreciate your post & love to get feedback. I'm really glad you enjoy my posts. I love to share with others. We are all in this game of life together. We can all learn from one another to become better people. I'm so happy to post here & really glad you enjoy my posts. It brings me great joy to learn, grow & share with one another. Like ways we all can improve. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. We had a really good day here where I live. Celebrate, appreciate, remember & honor our hero's who fought for freedom & peace.

I'm going to make a new thread when I have a minute. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this thread.

I wish everyone good health & wellbeing.

What you believe you can achieve.

Thank you all.


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Wish everyone well.

May we all find peace, unity & prosperity.

Thank you all for listening.

For the front liners keep on serving & protecting people. You are awesome!

You are all true heroes in my honest opinion.

We will survive through this pandemic & come out stronger, better, more well rounded human beings.

Don't forget to listen for every voice.

Give everyone a chance to speak.

We all have unique ways about us and perspectives that we can share with one another.

Our elders are a wealth of wisdom.

We will come out of this pandemic.

Keep a positive mind.

We can all become better people.

We can all improve.

It was a privilege to be able to post here at Trade 2 Win.

Thank You
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