Daily Pick 3 Challenge


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Welcome to the thread djk.

GYNAF looks very interesting.

I'm going to watch them for a few days.

Thanks for posting.

Wish we had more people post.

Exciting to have a new pick and person contributing to the thread.
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Day 68

AAPL -0.14%
MSFT +2.82%
NVDA +0.11%
ADBE +1.44%
JPM +1.24%
DIS +1.29%
V +1.64%

NKE -1.65%
COST -0.04%

AMZN +0.68%
TSLA +10.30%
BA +0.40%
SEDG +0.50%

ORLY -1.00%
SHW -3.62%
GM -0.80%
GOOG -0.19%

ALL +1.28%
GLPG -0.73%
MA +1.29%
F -0.23%
FCAU +0.15%
BAC +1.42%

HD -0.53%
LOW -0.59%

DTE +0.91%
XEL +1.99%

BLDP -0.70%
ENPH +2.86%
PLUG -1.24%

Nice Solid Day

On to Day 69


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We are having a memorial service for 4 people we lost here where I live.

I can't help but think about the tragic helicopter crash which took the lives of 9 people. Kobe was an Amazing human being, father & friend to so many. I am not good with good byes. It's really hard to say good bye. I am feeling deeply saddened for our losses here & for the 9 people who were taken away from us in the crash.

Life is so precious. Everyday seems like a gift to cherish. I wish everyone well. May we all live in good health, love & appreciate life here on earth. May we all find peace and happiness here while we are alive.


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We just had an amazing service here in honor of 4 great human beings who have passed away.

I feel blessed to be here, alive, happy & healthy.

Life is an awesome journey to travel.

Each person having a unique path to walk.

As unique as we all are, we all share life on 1 planet earth.

We as people have the ability to come together & create something beautiful.

I fell like together we stand, divided we fall.

It's really hard to say good bye to those we love in life.

I believe our loved ones who pass would want us to cherish the time we spent with them.

They would want us to move forward with love and passion for life.

To make the most out of our time here on earth.

Love life.

Appreciate life.

Live life to the fullest.

Every day is a gift.

My best friend was taken away from me when I was 17. Although he is no longer alive on earth, I believe there is a part of his memory which lives within me. Makes me who I am today.
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Day 69 = Big Down

Total -1.63%

Total +13.04%

GYNAF went up +.0078
Total gain of +15.60%

On to Day 70

Want to congratulate the chiefs for winning the superbowl. Where im at in Detroit, we haven't even gotten to a superbowl. So great job to Kansas City. Awesome achievement.
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Hey Adam.

Welcome 2 the thread.

Anyone who wants to contribute is welcome.

We started with 3 a day.

I think we are up to 30 picks now.

We have had some small success.

Up a total of 13% in 70 days.

It's an open forum.

Feel free 2 post whatever you like.


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Just checked the results...

Day 70 = Huge Success!

Total +2.72%

Total +15.76%

TSLA up 20%
BLDP up 6%
ENPH up 4.5%
GOOG up 3%
GLPG up 3%
MA up 3%
SHW up 3%
SEDG up 3%
NKE up 3%
MSFT up 2.5%
DIS up 2%
ADBE up 2%
NVDA up 1.5%

Awesome Day 2 Trade.

Since 12/2

TSLA is up 170%
SEDG is up 30%

Since 12/30

BLDP is up 50%

Looking forward 2 another great day of trading.

Best of Luck to Everyone.
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Day 71

Total +3.32%

Total +19.08%

There is much more to me in life than money. In general i believe money and having money is a good thing. It can bring out the best in people when used to build & create. I do believe everyone has the right to be happy. If having more money makes you happy, then by all means go out and make money.

Happiness comes from with in every human being. Your heart and soul can't be purchased or sold. Money can be a great way to create & build beautiful things.

I am all for the pursuit of prosperity.

Regardless of where you live, people should be able to live a life they choose that makes them happy.

My therapist used to say... Ashton you have every right to be as happy as you want. As long as you don't hurt anyone, harm anyone or break the law you can live life however you choose.

Being happy & finding joy is really important in life.

Family makes me happy. Although im like the only one who posts in this thread we are an online community which kinda reflects a family. When stocks go up we all celebrate together. When the market goes down we all are depressed together.

I'm really glad the market is up. Hopefully we can all come together to build something beautiful & use the wealth to create something awesome.

We are all human beings who are capable of great things. Let's make sure to use our wealth for good. To build. To create. To unite. To save. To protect.

I wish for everyone to find happiness with in themselves. What a great way to end the day. Feeling blessed. Feeling whole. Feeling free. Being happy.

Thanks for taking the time to read all my crazy posts. Hope i could make a small difference with my unconventional views.

At times our huge planet seems to be like 1 small world. One Love for us all, planet earth.
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Day 71 = A Great Success

Cheers 2 Everyone who reads this.

We achieved some awesome results.

On to Day 72.

Pick 30



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Day 72 = A Down Day

Total -1.13%

Total +17.95%

Let's have a great day today.

We are up like 18%

I felt awful yesterday because our selections & TSLA was down.

We should feel awesome about our progress. Trading stocks can be really tuff sometimes. We will be mentally strong through the tuff times. Percivere through the ups and downs.

Good Luck 2 Everyone.

Let's have an awesome day.


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Looks like a small down day.

Im glad we are up to pic 30 instead of 3. I may need to tweak the 30 & make some adjustments.

It's really nice to have 29 other stocks to help balance your portfolio.

Hope everyone is well & having a good day.

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