Cosmetic Tweaks


Coming later today...

Improved site navigation - dynamic drop-down menus take you straight to where you want with one click.

Front page - We've cleared a lof of the clutter away, streamlined the beast and moved the dow competition to its own separate page.

Site advertising - we've slipped in an extra button ad to the header which will help to maintain and improve the site. Don't worry, we're not about to do an ADVFN!

There no big changes, just improving what's already there. This will continue over the next few weeks so that the whole site maintain these high standards.

As always any feedback would be much appreciated.

The changes are now online. Expect the same treatment to the rest of the site over the next few weeks. Spring time has come early at T2W.

I'm sure this is already on Sharky's list of things to do, however, in the meantime there is a link to the home page at the very bottom of each page, in the middle.
I'd missed that entirely. Just shows I'm hopeless with the small print :)
I always click the T2W logo (top left corner) which takes you back to the home page - I guess it's second nature to me, but your right it's not obvious. I'll add a link to it from the header now..
Hi Sharky,

Thanks for the explanation. I got on the board via an e-mail notice/link and thought I'd gotten into a whole new area I hadn't seen before.

Took a few seconds to find the "Home" link for me as well. Looks cleaner, though. As Helen and I are finding on our site, there's always a trade-off when you're offering access to information and the need to keep the site uncluttered and easy to use.
Thanks Austin,

When you now move the mouse over the T2W logo - you get a little pop-up description that tells you to click to return to the homepage. I've also added a link from the community dropdown.

Hi Paul,

I really appreciate how you do these things. I wish I understood all this coding a bit better. Would give me more confidence to play with my board. Great stuff and really appreciated.
Just takes time Helen, you'll get there in the end im sure. But just like anything you just needs lots of time and patience to learn these things. I remember how frustrating it was to begin with because if you don't fully understand all the whys and where fors, it can be torture making a seemingly simple change. And of course it helps that I do it every working day, I'm a hopeless perfectionist, wannabe artist and I spend far too much time in front of a screen. :)
Hi Sharky,

You may have already noticed this, but the drop-down menu from "RESOURCES" conflicts with the "Rate this thread" window.

It says, rather cryptically, "Wet rate this thread" ;)
Just to be sure you know, not criticizing, just pointing it out! I'm a complete neophyte at this web site business and have very little knowledge of code, etc.

Think the improvements are great.
Hehe, that wasn't the intended effect I can assure you! Unfortunately there's no way with any ease for that menu to appear above the drop down. I'm going to be tweaking the boards soon, and I'll add it to my to-do list.

Hi Sharky

I just wanted to say "Job well done"

I still remember the launch party for the old front page, and that was great but this is even better.

When you have time, step back from the computer, and just look at what you have achieved. It is truly something to be proud of.

Keep up the good, we all appreciate it :)
Top $$$Dollar :) We must have one of the best BB's going. Now about that wet T Shirt competition you were going to organise.....
Now I've had a play, I think it's excellent. I can now fly all over the place in a twinkling of mouse clik. :)